Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walter Griffith for Controller

Despite being urged by the Luzerne County Republican leadership to run for Prothonotary Walter Griffth is set to run for Controller.

Here is his announcement.

My name is Walter L Griffith Jr. and I am currently 54 years old and a lifelong resident of Luzerne County and pleased and proud to introduce myself to every taxpayer and citizen of Luzerne County as your 2009 Candidate for Luzerne County Controller.

My background regarding my qualifications for this very important position in County Government is that I currently own and manage my own Auto Repair business and have done so very successfully since 1989. I am also very active in managing an organization that is responsible to submit a budget and balance our books each year, as well as organize and facilitate the operation of an organization that covers 4 states.

I currently have been very active in Wilkes-Barre City Government, as well as Luzerne County Government, and have been very active in the daily operations of these governments for the taxpayers of the City and County and have made much progress in being sure that our elected officials are held accountable to “us” the taxpayers .

My presence at most County and City meetings has prompted our elected officials to more aware of the desires of the taxpayers as well as the best way to operate your government.

I am running as your County Controller and have demonstrated time and time again my desire to represent each and every taxpayer and citizen in Luzerne County by my constant asking of the “tough questions” of your elected officials and will continue to do this on your behalf if elected as your County Controller in 2009.

I represented “YOU” the taxpayers when the County Commissioners were going to plunge the County into more debt with regard to the 16 million dollar loan and was successful in representing “YOU” by having that amount reduced to only 5.6 Million.

I also was at the meetings to represent “YOU” when the Debit Card issue was happening and the feel the Controller should have known about this long before the people were swindled out of thousands of dollars.

I was at the courthouse when 21st Century Appraisals were doing our appraisals in a very shoddy and haphazard way that has cost the taxpayers of this County thousands of dollars.
I was at the Courthouse when the Salary Board was not functioning according to the law of the County Code as well and was very instrumental in helping your elected officials cut spending by my information.

My background politically is very simple…I am not related to any one in Luzerne County that works in the courthouse and I will not bankrupt my moral or ethic character to get elected to any position in government.. I will promise you that I will always be in the Office of County Controller and will work to bring “honesty and integrity” back to Luzerne County Government by being having Honesty and Integrity that you can trust and rely on in a person that you are voting for in government.

My past history and track record will speak for itself and please remember this quote on May 19th 2009 when you are casting your vote for County Controller…


Elect Walter L Griffith JR to Luzerne County Controller
He also got some nice press in Associated Content:


Anonymous said...

you got my vote

Anonymous said...

I hope the newly formulated leadership of the LCGOP has the sense and understanding of the political process to not get involved in the primary. It seems that they have a "slate" in mind and I think that is wrong for the party and the process. If they want to pick up the reform mantle, they need to proactively stay out of any back room deals or the PERCEPTION thereof.

I think the GOP has moved in the right direction by having several seemingly well qualified, community oriented candidates for each of the slots. They should be pleased real progress is being made - but they can only damage that progress by appearing heavy handed.

Anonymous said...

Bad move are a great guy, but Nanda is the man. Step aside and run for something else.

Anonymous said...

walter will show up every and anywhere. .. he is a nice guy... he is passionate about what "he" believes is right........ thankfully though, he will never, ever win..

Anonymous said...

4:44 PM
You guys who "pick the nominee" have not had much luck lately. Let the voters decide who they want to represent the party in the election in November. Walter, and the other candidates, have every right to seek office - and the party best stay out of the process.

When will you guys learn your back room deals do more harm than good - unless of course your only interest in gaining power - which makes you douche bag.

Anonymous said...

Being a chronic complainer doesn't qualify Walter to be controller. Steve Flood complained a lot when he was controller, and he failed to be effective. Anyone can be on the outside and complain. It's a heck of a lot harder to be in the job and actually get things done.

Anonymous said...

one thing about flood and this pertains to urban as well. they were both decried as nay sayers and whiners, but it turns out that if WE listened to them the court house garbage would not have gotten so far out of control. kind of reminds me of the madoff ponzi scheme, there were people raising hell about it in the year 2000.
say what you want about flood, but he was the one who was correct!!!!!!!!! and we should have listened

Anonymous said...

Fact: Luzerne County is corrupt beyond repair with the present form of Government.
Fact: If you vote for ANY endorsed candidates for ANY office in Luzerne County, you ARE voting in more of the same old same old corruption.
Fact: What qualifications does one have to have to be elected in Luzerne County? Answer: None. Just look at Greg Skrepanek, Bob Reilly, Jill Moran, etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Walter knows his information..he has been around being a true 'watch dog for the tax payer' not only during election time. The funny thing is..during election time, all these random candidates appear who you never have seen their presence before, I find it a bit funny actually that people are dumb enough to be convinced by those candidates. O well, that is the valley mentality, nobody cares. Hopefully people in Luzerne County vote smart for once and vote for this man because he knows what he is doing.