Friday, February 06, 2009

Ride the Bus from Pittsburgh to Washington

There has been rampant speculation that Steelers' great Franco Harris will run against Senator Arlen Specter in 2010. The last time a jock ran statewide he got clobbered. I think the difference is that Lynn Swann went from being a sideline reporter to candidate without paying his political dues. That and he had the the misfortune of running against a popular incumbent Governor. Harris appears on the football pregame shows but he has also been involved in Democratic party politics.

Harris was an Obama delegate at the Democratic National Convention and a campaign surrogate and I think that it would be a good bet that the President would campaign for him. He also helped raise money for Democratic candidates even attending a fundraiser in Williamsport for one of my favorite Congresscritters, Chris Carney, in his longshot campaign in 2006. BTW, Carney won with just a little help from Franco.


Anonymous said...

Of course Obama would campaign for him in the General election. There is NO way he will campaign for him in the primary. JOcks just make wonderful politicians/ ask Jim Bunning, for that matter, ask ol' Skrep. Just what we need in Washington, a football player.

Anonymous said...

This would be the best case for Specter.

Big Dan said...

Franco Harris should tackle Specter during a debate! Specter has cancer, don't count out Franco. The GOP might be running someone else, if Specter's cancer is getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Read the paper Big Dan - try and be somewhat informed - Specter is over his most recent bout of cancer.

Anonymous said...

BIG DAN --- your comment is disgusting and quite frankly I’m shocked that GORT doesn't remove it. Your advocating someone can get "tackled" i.e. defeated because they have cancer. I'm not even sure if an apology would suffice here. You have finally shown your true colors.

Big Dan said...

Oh, cancer doesn't come back? I didn't know that!

And I'm just saying the truth. Too bad if you don't like it, "Word Police".

Specter is old and has cancer. It may come back. Period! Too bad if you don't like the truth.

Big Dan said...

And quit twisting my words, and putting words in my mouth, and be man enough to sign your name "anonymous".

Big Dan said... must be a Republican, b/c you lack a sense of humor.

Franco Harris = football = tackling = "joke"

Nothing to do with "advocating someone be tackled because they have cancer". Anyone can plainly see my first comment was not "advocating someone who has cancer should get tackled", ASSHOLE!!!

Big Dan said...

For the mentally challenged, I'll take my first comment and split it up:

1. Franco Harris should tackle Specter during a debate! (funny joke)

2. (separate sentence) Specter has cancer, don't count out Franco. The GOP might be running someone else, if Specter's cancer is getting worse.

Big Dan said...

Not: "Specter has cancer so Franco Harris should tackle him".

Big Dan said...

They you drag GORT into it, you're "surprised" he didn't delete the comment. So, GORT's a "bad guy" for not deleting my comment. Listen to Rush Limbaugh much??? Yeah, me 'n GORT love to make fun of people with cancer! Nice try.

Gort said...

Dan and I have had to deal with family members and friends that had/have cancer. He explained himself well.

The guy is 78 years old and has had 2 bouts of cancer that would have killed most people. God love him.

It's a legitimate issue to ask if he would be able to finish his term.

I hope he hangs around forever because he drives my Repubilican friends Nuts.