Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10th CD update: Derk in, Peifer out

Republican State Representative Michael Peifer told the Pike County Press that he won't take on Democrat Chris Carney next year for the PA 10th Congressional seat citing family reasons.
Last night Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk kicked off his campaign for the seat in Freeburg. Some highlights from the Daily Item:
He doesn't like the stimulus “I feel passionately that it’s not government’s role to create jobs.That is something that businesses and entrepreneurs do. They are the engines that fuel the economy, and they will ultimately get us out of the recession.”

Throwing money at a problem hasn’t helped, Derk said.

“We were promised unemployment wouldn’t hit more than 8 percent; we hit 10 percent last month. This proves the funding priority of Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats didn’t work. And as a county commissioner, I know that the jobs we were promised never came.”

About his youth “Everyone mentions how young I am. But I have experience running a government agency. As commissioners, we had to balance multimillion dollar budgets, and we did so without raising taxes.”

He said he plans to raise money on the internet from small donors.


Anonymous said...

Disappointed Peifer didn't take advantage of the opportunity.

Malcolm will be one of many seeking this seat (much like the last time - I think there were 7 candidates at one time) - but again it will likely come down to two. I'd bet Malcolm and Meuser with Malcolm winning by a wisker after being out spent 4 to 1.

Projected candidates:
Dan Naylor
Dave Madiera
Dan Meuser
Les from Towanda
Malcolm Derk
Davis Hare
Tom Marino
One Yet To Announce

Anonymous said...

Derk wins GOP nod = Carney wins by 30 and his seat is safe for twenty years

Voters in the 10th have proven they won't elect ANY Republican, and Derk is just that--ANY Republican. He makes Screech look cool.

The only person on that list with a legitimate chance is Dan Meuser. Marino would have before he sold his soul.

Anonymous said...

Carney won by 6 points and 12 points against Sherwood and Hackett (terrible candidates), in the two best dem years since 1964, without having to defend his record. Since then he has voted for the stimulus and health care bill, and admitted on video he wasn't reading the stimulus.

Any republican who doesn't have severe baggage wins this race. Nerdy or not, if Derk runs unopposed in the primary, you are looking at the next congressman for this district.

Anonymous said...

Haire won't run, Madeira wants to run, and so does Naylor. I'd like to know more about Derk

Anonymous said...

10:59 ass kissing kar, the meuser worshipper, how are you? Sill riding you little scooter?

Barry O'Connell said...

Just how fiscally conservative is Derk? It is my understanding that he has voted for spending that maintains the use of virtually all the tax revenue that Snyder County generates. Just how conservative can he really be if he spends all that money. I also understand that he directly benefits from some of that spending.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Lycoming County