Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End year messages

Tomorrow is the end of the fundraising quarter and my inbox has been deluged with donation requests from just about every politician running for office in Pennsylvania and other places. I don't send them anything because I have better things to spend my money on and I think a better way has to be found to finance campaigns. I did read a unique New Year message from 11th CD Republican candidate Chris Paige who didn't ask for a penny.

My Confession

It's almost the start of a new year, so I want to confess my sins - most notably, the fact that I am a RINO. All of you who have suspected that I'm a Democratic plant are absolutely right, and here's the proof of my crimes:

I raised property taxes by 70%,
I raised income taxes by 87.5%,
I raised garbage fees by 18%,
I've stated publicly that there's nothing left to cut in government spending,
I've stated publicly that the best way to reduce government deficits is to raise taxes,
I publicly refused to endorse the GOP's Presidential nominee in 2008, explaining that I was unable to decide whether Barack Obama or John McCain better represented my values,
I believe that government should limit CO2 emissions,
I believe that the government should "invest" your tax money in minor league baseball teams, amphitheaters, and solar power plants,
I believe that the government should require you to present identity papers whenever you engage in routine commercial transactions,
I believe that you should pass laws first and determine their constitutionality later,
I believe that you should do what you think is right, even if it violates the U.S. Constitution because government has to have to power to do whatever it thinks is right.

Oh, wait a second, I didn't do any of those things, but LOU BARLETTA DID!

You think I might betray you? Lou Barletta already has! Rejecting me for him makes about as much sense as prefering Benedict Arnold to the Marquis de Lafayette because the Marquis was a foreigner. Perhaps I can't prove that I'll do the right thing in Washington, but Lou Barletta has already proven that he won't. Whether its taxes, government spending, the environment, or respect for the Constitution, Lou Barletta has ACTED like a Democrat, so just imagine what he'll do when he gets to Washington. Apparently, he's already telling people that he believes his primary task in DC will be bringing pork back to the District - if that's what we want in our Congressman, remind me again why we would get rid of Cong. Paul "Pork" Kanjorski, whose seniority makes him far, far better at getting pork?

If Lou Barletta and his groupies think I'm a phony, then they should welcome my invitation to debate - it's not like he can't use the free publicity. Most importantly, Barletta claims to be the guy who will fight for you, but he won't even debate for you! And I'm willing to let him debate before a hometown audience! His groupies keep saying what a brave guy he is, but - strangely - he lets his groupies do all the fighting for him. Such cowardice is unforgivable.

In other 11th CD news Cory O'Brien had his first fundraiser and called for the creation of "family sustaining jobs," a vision for the future, the importance of education, a need to "rebuild the United States domestically," and "wean the country off foreign oil."

I have been hearing the same claptrap from politicians about bringing "good paying jobs" to the area because we have a "good work ethic" for as long as I can remember, Kanjorski included. Few tell us how they are going to pull it off.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, Lou Barletta didnt expect this kinda fight. He cant stand up to Paige. Barletta trys to portray himself as a conservative, Paige is showing that he isnt. If Lou moves to the left, he loves the conservative radicals. this is interesting.
Paige is correct, not a word from Barlettta, we hear from his McGruff characters, where is LOU?
How about Shamany, the First District Republican chairman, what is his position on this? is he for an open primary or will he play local politics and endorse his buddy Lou.
Lou's defenders continue to play Hazleton against Wilkes Barre and Scranton. they just wont admit Lou ran this City into the ground.


Anonymous said...

Wow, well written stuff! What did you say?

Anonymous said...

Lou is cooked! This guy Paige obviously has the spunk and the ability to get the voter's attention. The new tune is not Bye Bye Birdie, it is Bye Bye Louie.

Stephen Albert said...

My favorite:

"I believe that the government should require you to present identity papers whenever you engage in routine commercial transactions"

Aren't conservatives supposed to be in favor of a less-intrusive government? If so, what could be more intrusive than this?

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but both republicrats and demicans are all about spending more money. They just talk about it differently. Lou is considered among the best of conservatives, but they're just not a whole lot better than the lefties.

We need more than two choices. Vote for the third parties. Vote libertarian.

the much maligned anonymous poster said...

better option. abolish political parties. our constitution was written with out political parties in mind. there emergence has ruined our gov't

stranded in DC said...


abolishing political parties would be very unconstitutional, (free Speech) But states should no longer fund partisan primaries. That will never happen so I think an easy solution (which will never happen) is to not have the party on the official ballot. People must actually read into each election and see what each candidate in every race stands for, or at least find out the political party for themselves. If they don't know they should not vote or vote for the ones with the most Irish names

Dana said...

I got a brief e-mail from Mr Paige today, which read:

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year!


PS I hope you've had enough time and seen enough from my blog to want to get actively involved. I need your help & the country needs a new direction!

He never asked for money. His campaign website does have a "Donate" box.

McGruff said...

Is Paige running against Barletta or Paul Kanjorski?? A man who donated heavily to the Democratic Party all of the sudden had an "epiphany" and wants to portray himself as a true blue Republican??? Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.. He even talks like a Democrat..wants u to look over here while he is over there...

He isn't even in contention..if u believe anything else do a poll and tell me the results...

What is his statement...why we would get rid of Cong. Paul "Pork" Kanjorski, whose seniority makes him far, far better at getting pork? always look for the subliminal with this guy...I had him pegged before he started.

Debate what...the fact that Paige was a Democrat and switched parties like Arlen Specter..oops wrong if he and Arlen run in the same race does that mean they go both ways???

Chris..Luzerne County is in your district..why aren't you complaining about your Democrat Commissioner friends who just raised real estate taxes 10%despite the fact that their Budget person told them the budget figures are fake and they will run out of money by November...ohhh that's right you only moved to Pennsylvania three years ago...welcome...

More news about the 11Th district..Let's give credit to Doherty back in 2005 The city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, will increase the tax rate for residents from 2.50 percent to 3.40 percent...The D's in Wilkes Barre 2005...The city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will increase the tax rate for residents from
2.35 percent to 2.85 percent..

Read Mayor Leighton's message for 2009

2009 will prove to be one of the most fiscally challenging years for my administration and the city’s taxpayers, as our $40.86 million budget faces a $2.6 million shortfall.

We are not alone in this troublesome time. A quick internet search will reveal news reports of state and local governments across the country that are struggling to balance their budgets, pay their employees and provide public services in the face of the economic crisis.

Why aren't you talking about the plight in the 11th rather than pretending to be a Republican and attack Barletta?? You are a fake, have been one, and will continue to be one...

Why aren't you talking about creating jobs in the 11th?? Why aren't you talking about the needs of the 11th? Why aren't you talking about the poor road access in your back yard, the need for federal help? Why aren't you talking about the proposed tolling of I-80? Why aren't you talking about the housing crisis still facing the Poconos? How about the commercial real estate problem looming?? How about healthcare? How about Social Security? How about Medicare? If you weren't a Rhino you would be tackling these issues instead of swiping at Barletta like a cat in the dark.

What is your government experience? Have you ever had to face a family who just lost a loved one killed by a gang member? Have you ever had to deal with a crisis as a government official? Have you ever had to balance a government entity budget?? When's the last time you had to deal with a snow emergency??Chris I can't hear you..Your silence is deafening...Legislators don't deal with these situations..however...

Mayors, and every Mayor, lives where the rubber meets the road. They can't hide in Washington....they can't hide in Harrisburg...They can't run a hedge fund where only the rich can play...When they walk the streets or sit in their office every person has access to them..regardless of party....

Your role is to attack Barletta..that's why the Dems sought you out..If you are so disenchanted with the Dems like you claim and caused you to switch parties when will you focus on your core disagreement?

If I were you I wouldn't hedge my bet...

Anonymous said...

oh how soon we forget.......there was a time, a long time Democratic councilman lost his seat on Hazleton City Council. After a Republican candidate withdrew from the council contest after the primary the Luzerne County Republican Party Executive Committee attempted to nominate the losing Democrat candidate to the ballot position. This Democrat was an ally to Barletta.
The City's Republican vice chairman thought Barletta was behind the move to have the executive committee quietly nominate this DEMOCRAT rather than bring the issue to the City committee.
Barletta said he was disappointed in some committee members challenge to this DEMOCRATS candidacy.
"Shame on them. it appears they're looking for a hair in the egg. The local party could not even get three candidates to run in the primary. Anytime somebody will switch their party ( to Republican) and bring votes with them, i see it as an advantage. (Times Leader 9/12/05)
The person Barletta wanted lost re election on the Republican ticket in 2005
SO the point is, has LOUIE once again flip flopped on an issue. Paige will bring votes, votes that Barletta cant get, MONROE COUNTY votes.

Anonymous said...

Has Barletta always been a Republican? hmmmmmm lets see.

In June 2004, Barletta said he was “so saddened” by the death of former president Ronald Reagan as he
watched television cable news coverage of Reagan’s passing.
“He was not only my favorite president, but someone whom I tried to emulate,” Barletta said. “He is
someone whom I admire and who I’ve used as a role model.”
Like Reagan, Barletta too had been a registered Democrat before changing parties.
“On my wall is a Ronald Reagan calendar,” Barletta said. “I get a new one every year.” [Hazleton Standard-
Speaker, 6/07/04]

Hey Lou, both you and Chris have a lot in common it seems, both were Democrats.....

Stephen Albert said...

By the way some people talk, party affiliation is like this permanent tattoo you are supposed to wear on your forehead. However many of us evolve and grow over time, and as the political parties change it's natural for there to be some switching around.

This is not to say that some switches don't come solely for political expedience (*cough* Arlen Specter *cough*), but I think that's more the exception than the rule.

So to the Lou Barletta supporters out there, I guess the question needs to be asked: is there a certain length of time you need to be a Republican before you can be considered to be a "real" Republican?

McGruff said...

It's not just the party switch; its the whole story.

Paige lived in DC then New York, moves to PA in 2006 and switches parties in March 2009 then decides he wants to represent the 11th. There was a time we called that carpetbagging.

BTW for the record I believe Barletta switched parties in 1988.

The race in 2005 involved James Ferry, a well loved person, who unfortunately lost to Tom Gabos who was recently defeated, resoundingly, due to a poor platform that got him elected in the first place. Gabos never introduced one piece of legislation as a council person. Although he owned a business he had the City pay for his health insurance which appeared to not be a correct expenditure.

James Ferry was never a partisan politician. He was an honorable man who unfortunately didn't have the money to fight a good fight. His heart was for the good of Hazleton, Barletta could count on his support most of the time, and that is why Barletta supported him in return.

Supporting parties on a local level is totally different than the state or federal level.

And as far as votes go Barletta received 28,538 in Monroe County vs 36, don't make it sound like newcomer Paige is going to do any better. If it wasn't for Obama Kanjo would be sitting home right now.

Anonymous said...

This import Republicrat sounds like a typical lawyer.
Don't need outside the 11th lawyers.

Stephen Albert said...

Wait, I'm confused...I thought he was an imported Democratic operative pretending to be a Republican?

Anonymous said...

you were off a few years, it was 1983

you make it sound like Mr Mayor was a from the womb Republican!
In 1983, Barletta switched his party registration from Democratic to Republican in order to volunteer on
the successful 1983 mayoral campaign of family friend John Ford.
Barletta comes from a somewhat political family. His father Rocky was a former chairman of the
Hazleton Democratic Party, and was “a leader of the Democratic Party here in Hazleton for as long as I
could remember,” according to Barletta. “PCN Profiles: Mayor Lou Barletta,” aired
Barletta’s uncle Fred served on the School Board and numerous cousins held school district jobs. [Wilkes-
Barre Times Leader, 10/27/02]
NOTE: John Ford gave tens of thousands to numerous Republican candidates, and $1,000 to Barletta’s
mayoral campaigns. He gave $500 to Barletta’s 2008 campaign, but none to his 2002 campaign. In
2002, he instead gave $750 to Rep. Kanjorski.
Wife’s Family a Major Factor in Party Switch
Barletta said that his wife’s uncle was active in the Republican Party, and was friends with John
Ford, who was running for mayor at the time. Through his wife, they asked Barletta to switch
parties to help, which he did.
so you see who ever gets to Mr Mayor fist and ask him to do anything, he does it.
some may call that being an opportunist. so the hand that fed him as a child, his own Dad a great Democratic leader in the City of Hazleton, he turns his back on those values.

McGruff said...

That's a fantastic love obsession you have for the Mayor...

McGruff said...

BTW to set the record straight when did I ever say the Mayor was a from the womb Republican? It is Paige who says he had an "epiphany" and realized he was WRONG!!

"I was a Democrat at the time so I supported the Democratic Party's candidates. I was wrong, and I've seen the error of my ways," he said. "It's not anything that I hide."

Paige said his Democratic past helps him as a candidate because he knows how to speak to Democrats, whose support a Republican will need to win the mostly-Democratic district

So using your logic Barletta must be equally qualified to speak to Democrats given his past...Thanks for making that selling point.

It doesn't alter my belief that Paige is a Democratic operative getting information from the Democrats and probably funding as well. And if you want to talk about party switches of opportunity get back to Arlen...he knew he was done but the Dems courted him to get to 60.

Paige is followinig Eachus's playbook, move for opportunity so again thanks for the opporunist point. Eachus was from Wilkes Barre but moved at DeWeese's behest to run in the 116th. Carpetbagging is carpetbagging.

Finally you make a point about opportunists...ahhemmm ...I believe we are at 23 and counting Democrats who ARE opportunists in Luzerne County...

McGruff said...

Wait a minute..with the negative comments against Barletta are you trying to say that a hedge fund lawyer is what you would want to replace Kanjorski in Congress with??? about an opportunist...Kanjorski and his financial wizardry money is what keeps his campaign going..but let's see...I have one hell of an idea...I got it...let's replace him with someone who is a hedge fund lawyer so we can send the country in a new direction...pissin my pants

McGruff said...

And to answer to the first poster...why should Barletta engage Paige and give him the credibility he is lacking? Again back to the polls. Why would you give a platform to someone that doesn't even register a 0.001 on the Richter scale??

McGruff said...

The real question you should be asking is why we haven't heard from Corey O"Brien?? He is running against Kanjorski isn't he?

McGruff said...

Hold one...went to get gas and realized that Paige writes this article to Gort and shows why Barletta looks more like a Democrat than a Republican. Then he gives an interview to Borys and states he was WRONG for being a Democrat. He says this while making the point that the 11th is more Democrat than Republican.

He says he can talk to Democrats WHO ARE WRONG, Barletta is like a Democrat AND that shouldn't appeal to Democrats ..but Paige will...

I think he just wrote the final PAIGE of his political textbook on strategy. What a maroon....

McGruff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
McGruff said...

To my Democratic District:

Whether its taxes, government spending, the environment, or respect for the Constitution, Lou Barletta has ACTED like a Democrat, so just imagine what he'll do when he gets to Washington. "I am Chris Paige and I support my stupidity in writing because it is a well known fact that Democrats have a different respect for the Constitution" wow...

Even I am pissed at him for making such a ludicrous statement about the Dems. For that one he should apologize. I am surprised none of you attacked him on that statement alone.

BTW my father was a Democrat and my mother IS a Democrat..In life we grow up to be our own person...and that's what I have to say to the poster poking a Barletta's party switch. Maybe it shows he holds to his beliefs not just lock and step without thinking where he wants to be

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the point you try to make it is, Paige was a Democrat, and now a Republican.

My point is, Barletta was a Democrat, and is now a Republican.

for a candidate that YOU say doesn't register on the scale, you sure get pissy about his post and candidacy. are you afraid, maybe just maybe your polls are wrong, or WAIT< maybe your polls show Paige is doing much better than you say.......

and you make a point about Paige being a hedge fund guy. i say lets ask both Republican candidates to show their tax returns for the last 6 years.........

it is about transparency isn't it?

Anonymous said...

and i have to ask as a Hazleton Republican, where is my First District Chairman on the primary? or is he going to play games with Paige and screw him over? we want an open primary,

where are you Sean? come out and set the rules for this upcoming primary fight.

i don't think it is fair to our party that you sit and plan with Barletta every morning over coffee and then want us to believe that you will be neutral in this primary. so i want it on the record, what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

interesting post i found on Gorts page from McGruff, defender of Barletta. there is the "plan" to sell the authority and then build a solar farm, but we know alternative energy projects are only as good as the government money put into them. so when the "free" money goes away, our Tax money then what . here is a great argument against the "solar farm idea for Hazleton"
Blogger McGruff said...

Finally what is the metric of too big to fail? Are we not bailing out the wind and solar industry as we speak with their grants? Those projects would not happen without our tax dollars. The return would not lure investment. Do we own a piece of them or do we just give them our money??

GM just lost $1.2 billion but the spinmeisters called that success.. There is a call for a second stimulus.

Does the United States have a stash of cash we don't know about or are the Chinese going to own us lock, stock, and barrel?

Over 100 banks closed this year, mostly small ones. So if Kanjo wants to break up the bigger ones into smaller ones what is that really going to accomplish???

Kanjo is an opportunist crafted by Mitchell just as Emanuel crafted Obama. Let's see if next election Kanjo wants to stand side by side with Obama??

7:46 PM

here is the most telling sentence.
"The return would not lure investment."
so i have to ask, how would Hazleton make money, why would the developer invest, hmmmmmmm

McGruff said...

To the Hazleton Republican, you're probably the one who never supports Republicans and had the Obama and Kanjos sign in front of your building. If you see Shamany having coffee every morning walk up to him and relate your thought...ohhh that really wasn't your point now was it?

As far as the solar project goes what I stated about investment and money stands. There are some other considerations that make sense to put a solar farm on the airport property. The land on the southside of the runway is landlocked from access. A roadway was supposed to go from Rt 93 to Rt 309 but the funding never entirely made it there. There is a partial roadway now. There are over 200 acres owned by the City on the runway southside. Due to the airport environment and FAA regulations nothing can be built higher than 12 feet so as not to interfere with instrument landing approaches for aircraft.

So a solar farm makes sense. However, that doesn't mean that the solar farm will happen. It was just a proposal.

The return on the solar farm could save Hazleton taxpayers almost $500,000 per year indefinitely as the present cost of power. Have that cost go up and the savings increases.

This area is not the best for solar or wind making coal and nuclear the ideal options. But the opposition to those projects circle one back to looking at solar, but for the second time a proposal.

The city is looking at all options to raise revenue as it should. Alot of this talk about the plan to address the city's problems deal with suppositions. Until the city puts out an RFP authorizing the sale of the water department of the HCA nothing really matters. Until the city puts out an RFP for the solar farm nothing really matters.

Anonymous said...

no i was a Barletta supporter until he taxed the fuck out of me.
and now it seems you are a mouth piece for both Barletta and Shamany?

What is a few hundred dollars when you are a millionaire like Barletta is, thanks to his wife who ran the road marking business. They sure used the woman owned business designation to their advantage, now didnt they.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Paige,
When you are explaining, you're losing. You are doing far too much explaining...
Calling Barletta a coward is about the most laughable thing I have ever read on a blog. He could out-debate you when in REM sleep.
What is it like, by the way, working at a hedge fund? Do you enjoy contributing to the demise of our national economy?