Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Tube weekend

Santa is an illegal alien and will not be welcome in Hazleton.

No Santa For Hazleton

If he somehow slips in to the country this guy will put an end to it.

Jack Bauer interrogates Santa

A sprig of the misiltoe to


D.B. Echo said...

Santa is South African? That's the closest I can place that accent.

Word Verification Word: stablad. Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes that none of the kids really mention anymore.

McGruff said...

Actually Santa is fictitious just like the commercial. It is a shame that every Hazleton resident is painted with the same brush calling them racist. Maybe the real racists are those who don't attack it with love but hatred. Some justification.

Would the same tactic apply to all the Democrats who have shamed residents of Luzerne County? Why doesn't someone attack all the residents as criminals? Because like the fictitious nature of that commercial the same would apply to such a fictitious attack on Luzerne County residents.

Is all of Shenandoah racist or the actors who will be brought to justice?

I believe it Obama who has put the recent push on rooting out illegal aliens in this country. Is he now racist??

Name one raid in Hazleton that has been conducted to root out illegal aliens. You can't because there never was one. Yet people will claim Barletta is "running" illegal aliens out of town. Illegal aliens have been found in drug raids. Does anyone propose Hazleton stop those??

This commercial is more smoke and mirrors intended to excite the masses rather than pass on the facts.

There should be no more Santa for the people who exploit illegal aliens for cheap labor. Unions were born because employers were hurting white persons. Since there can be no protection for illegal aliens because there is no documentation who is the exploiter/racist?

Anonymous said...

Geez McGruff, you need a vacation.

McGruff said...

Probably right on that...but not really..just trying to make a point that if there is going to be any healing you can't bring up the past.. Try going to their website now and see what you get.

Anonymous said...

the mayor of hazleton brought this on the town, he needed an issue, used it, lost twice and now wants to distance himself on it.