Saturday, December 19, 2009

Congrats Blog Buddies

Regular commenter on this site Steve Albert has been writing Not Cease From Exploration for over a year now. He writes about life, business, culture and dabbles in politics. As many people have found it is not easy to keep up a blog everyday and he does it with wit and wisdom.

New kid on the block Tom Borthwick of NEPArtisan was voted the Best Local Blog by readers of The Electric City. He is doing a great job covering PA and Scranton politics.

When I first started blogging I needed some help and guidance and Above Average Jane was willing to help me out anyway she could. She just celebrated her 5th blogiversary. One of the most important things she taught me was to look for a local angle on a national story.

I don't know how many more years I will be doing this but I hope you are along for the ride blog buddies.


Anonymous said...

The Electric City poll is pretty bogus. Best pizza? Pizza by Pappas? Best Hoagie, Pizza by Pappas? Best bar: Tinks? Can we say provincial???? To say Partisan whatever is the best blog shows how vapid the poll and its readers really are. Talk to me when this "honored" blog has been around as long as you, LuLac, Boris and Mark Cour's.

Tom Borthwick said...

Electric City covers Scranton, which I tend to focus on, so I'm sure that's where the votes came from. I was as surprised as anybody. But thanks for the Congrats, anonymous, It's much appreciated.

And Gort, thanks for the mention, your site has been a huge influence!

Stephen Albert said...

I am honored to receive even a mention Gort...Thank You. As Tom Borthwick mentioned, I think your blog is hugely influential...and much needed in this area. Slowly but surely, one word at a time, NEPA is being dragged (sometimes in shackles)into the sunlight 21st century.

Mean Old Man said...

The Electric City is a subversive rag that is a front for prostitution!!! I would personally be ashamed of any endorsement from the likes of them!!!!!