Friday, December 11, 2009

This is no surprise

22 and counting.

WILKES-BARRE – One month after being fired for refusing to answer questions about two controversial contracts, former Luzerne County Human Resources Director Doug Richards was charged Thursday with accepting a bribe for helping a contractor secure a contract with the county.

Richards invented a company to do payroll work for the county drawing up a contract that was never approved by the commissioners but invoices were still approved by the Controller's office. He tried to quit but was fired by the Luzerne County Commissioners.

Is just me me or does he resemble this guy?


Big Dan said...

I don't claim to know everyone under the courthouse roof, but this cracks me up when some guy I didn't even know was in there gets caught doing something like this. How many other unknown people are doing things like this? That's what's scary! You mean when I see some creep slinking into the courthouse, he might actually work there and is making up fictitious contracts?

Like I said in a previous thread, shut the whole damn place down. Fire everyone, even if they aren't charged with anything. Collateral damage. Too bad.

Now I think everyone there is suspicious. I don't think anyone can get a fair trial under that dome.

Could you ask for a change of venue, if you ever had to appear in court? I would!

Big Dan said...

Sheesh, GORT! You should've prepared me for that TL picture of him. He looks pretty pissed in that picture! How do they get a picture of someone looking that mean? Or does he always look like that? Christ! If pictures could kill.....

He's probably thinking: "You f*ckers weren't supposed to find out about my scam!"

Anonymous said...

Big Dan looks more of a scumball
By what he writes it's obvious he needs some new parts in his head. Perhaps he could join kevin & nancy?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Sue, Corbett and Big Dan. Would you call this a gaggle of quacks?

Big Dan would be the first idiot complaining if he were selling a house and couldn't get into the Recorder of Deeds or Prothonotary for judgements or if his rich uncle died and he could not gain access to the Register of Wills and how about the Doe license? Asshole's one and all and Bid Dan is president of the clan.

Big Dan said...

I love anonymous COWARDS who apologize for Luzerne County crooks, they're probably a friend or relative.

Tony Thomas said...

Or it's the bastards themselves trying to cover their asses. Grow a pair and post under a name.

Anonymous said...

OK JediMaster9780, Big Dan and Forrest Gump, all Baptismal names I'm sure. You three have got to be Republicans because only a Republican is capable of accusing a person of doing something that they are currently doing and then taking pride in their accusation. I just can't believe that these three birds using names such as those have the balls to criticize someone who simply posts as anonymous. As for the person above being related to or working for or with the bad guys you people need to practice some Christian tolerance and not sit in judgement just because someone doesn't agree with your point of view. There are some very qualified and hard working people working for the county and they appreciate their jobs. If either of you had a county job, you would be one of the ingrates I hear so much about. You know, the "what have you done for me lately" crowd. by the way, I don't work for the county nor do I have any relatives working there but I do know some people who work there so should I be investigated? Assholes! Maybe I should sign this Dlydes Dale. Would that be better than Anonymous or any of the three phony names you fine fellows use?

Forrest Gump said...

My birth name is Thomas Joseph Stanley Chipeleski. I live at : 504 Cherry Dr, Exeter, PA 18643.

I am a life long Democrat and proud of it ANON 7:13a.m.

I have no problem putting my true name to any of my posts, I just go by Forrest Gump for internet purposes.

Like I said previously, grow some balls and sign your posts you ignorant bastard! Put your money where your mouth is.

Zen said...

run forrest, run!!! lol, sorry bro, couldn't resist

Tony Thomas said...


My name is Tony Thomas. I am in no way related to the Wilkes-Barre councilman.

Like Forrest Gump, my name is for internet purposes.

I, unlike these Anon cowards, have no problem putting my real name here or using a username where people can keep track of my posts.

I am also a registered Democrat.

You don't have to be partisan to be disgusted by corruption, unethical behavior, and incompetence.

Unless you're one of the fat cat good ole' boys then the above is merely commonplace.