Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The next Luzerne County Commssioner

68 people have applied for the vacancy created by Greg Skrepenak's resignation and President Judge Chet Muroski has stated that the judges will interview all qualified applicants and vote on replacement tomorrow. I'm sure that not all the applicants will make the cut because some will be disqualified because they don't meet the registration requirement, filed after the deadline or made mistakes filling out the application. Challenges will heard 10AM tomorrow.

I could have field day ripping apart some of the names on the list and so could you, please don't.

The judges have set themselves an ambitious goal of deciding this tomorrow. Even if the field gets whittled down to 40 and you give them each a 10 minute interview that will run into at least 6 hours. And no matter who they pick it will create a firestorm. If they pick a fresh face people will complain that they have no experience and if they pick someone with government experience the cry will be the fix is in.

The Yonk gives some helpful interview tips.

Reading the applications this one caught my eye

Joseph J Gombeda

"I honestly do not have any qualifications for the office of commissioner; however neither did anyone else for that matter."

My prediction is that Frank Trinisewski will return to the courthouse.


Anonymous said...

"My prediction is that Frank Trinisewski will return to the courthouse."

If we keep doing what we've always done, we will continue to get what we always got! So, why not?

Pope George Ringo said...

Trini's pretty old; the last time he had power wasn't Rubik's cube all the rage and when someone referred to "my cell" they were in jail. It will most likely be a novice appointee--someone who will be neither controversial nor smart enough to think on his/her own in regard to county issues. I guarantee you that the appointee will not be on the ticket in two years.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for Walzer- Might as well really stir things up....