Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Conahan threatened Petrilla

“His final words to me were, ‘Maryanne, if you do this, you’re finished." Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla

TL: Luzerne County Commissioner Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla told the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice on Tuesday that former county Judge Michael Conahan personally called her in early 2008 to order her not to replace former chief clerk/manager Sam Guesto.

Commissioner Steve Urban said he talked to the Feds in 2006 and Controller Steve Flood also met with the FBI about the 20 year lease of the PA Child Care facility in Pittston Twp. Urban also said that he didn't have faith in the Judicial Conduct Board or the District Attorney. Most of us don't.

Minority Commissioner Greg Skrepenak refused to testify before the panel on the advice of his attorney. This has fueled the speculation about Skrep from Skrep refused to testify in hearings about the juvie scandal. This is knows as “Taking the Fifth” and other places.

There is so much going on that I can't keep up.

Reform school threw parties for judges, probation officials
I never get invited to the really good parties like this or the one at the airport

Brace resigns from state position

Testimony: Ciavarella’s ways accepted

Parents, juveniles testify damage was done

Juveniles, parents testify before commission about effect of detention, court proceedings

Horrific, heart-wrenching, courageous testimony of parents and kids in the "Kids for Cash" judges scandal in Luzerne County!

And so much more.

Just to add to the rumors. From the inbox:

Little inside info for you. This is confirmed through more than 3 sources. Former Luzerne County Cxx Txxx Vxxxxxx has been a cooperating witness since June and has made a plea agreement with the feds. Announcement is coming very soon.

And some media gossip:


A few weeks back TV 44's State of Pennsylvania featured the two local newspaper publishers.. After the show, xxx invited anyone in attendance to the GoodFella's eatery down the road on 315. It used to be Bella Vino. xxx picked up the tab paying a couple of thousand dollars in food and bar bills. The next day the media reported that newspaper employees were asked to take a 10% paycut. Irony. Wonder where they will are going to have their Christmas party? Abe's maybe?

My xxx works for the ... He wasn't there but his co workers were and they said xxx was buying drinks and food for everyone and people were buying $200 bottles of wine. The xxx's showed up later after having their outing and tried to pay for their drinks but they could not because the restaurant was running the tab. The xxx's insisted on paying but the owner got pissed off and threw them out.


Anonymous said...

It was rumored back then that it was Petrilla who lobbied the court to hire Gusto in the new position he eventually landed. This lady has more bodies to throw under busses than there are busses.

Stephen Albert said...

Ms Petrilla kind of has that "don't f^%k with me" look about her...picture her more as the threatener and the thretenee...which I guess shows the the huevos that Chiav and Con had.

Big Dan said...

Everyone that was employed under the roof of the Luzerne County courthouse from 2003 to 2008 and is still employed, should be canned. Collateral damage. Too bad. Shut the whole damn place down and get outsiders in if they have to. Every single one of them must go. 100% of them. Or the problems will continue. Anyone who's a friend or relative of anyone must go. If two or more people have the same last name, they all go.

Anonymous said...

Great comment 9:50. Who is your co-author, Corbett? Now that's the brain power that brought us Vonderspend and Skrep and the same brain that never goes to a town meeting or a county meeting and speaks up. Just sit at the computer and make stupid generalizational (my new word) negative comments.

Anonymous said...

Big Dan and Corbett have ripped off Yonki. He was on T.V. and stated pretty much the same thing. Corbett and Big Dan two unoriginal birds of a feather who would rather squawk than act.