Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who wants to be a Commissioner?

With the sudden but not unexpected resignation of Greg Skrepenak there is an vacancy on the Luzerne County Board of Commissioners. So far a dozen people have applied for the job and the deadline to apply is Monday. The Times-Leader has a list of the applicants with a short bio listing their qualifications. I know some of the names on the list but suspect that the eventual winner will file the paperwork at the last minute.

Former Commssioner Frank Trinisewski and recent Controller candidate Bob Morgan are at the top of the list. I have heard a few other names mentioned but will wait until tomorrow to see who applies. One of our local bloggers has thrown his satirical hat in the ring.

The Luzerne County Judges will meet en banc on Wednesday to pick the eventual victim, I mean new Commissioner. Whoever they pick will serve out the rest of the 2 years remaining of Skrep's term. If there was ever an argument for Home Rule this is it. Such a decision should not be in the hands of the most discredited bunch of people in the county. The Sargent Shultz routine ( "I know nothing)" about the Juvie Brothers scandal is just not credible.

Update: The Luzerne County Courts website now lists over 60 people applying for the post. The deadline in 4PM today.


Anonymous said...

How about that "independent" who is now a Democrat again when it suits him? Wil Toole couldn't be any more transparent. It will be funny to watch the Judges shred his application on the spot for not conforming.

Anonymous said...

Wil Toole is desperate for attention. Pretty pathetic. I am a dem, I am an independent, I am a dem. Watch for him to be a republican next. He will fit right in with attention hounds Walter and Carolee

Anonymous said...

Just as long as he fits in, I could not care less. I want him in as do others who don't have that personal BS so is this another one of those 'here we go again' blogs? Give us all a break and leave it in the garbage where it belongs. Thank you