Wednesday, December 02, 2009

20 and counting

To no one's surprise Luzerne County Judge Michael Toole has copped a plea. We have speculating about this since last spring and it was just a matter of time after he announced that he was taking a vacation 2 weeks ago.

WILKES-BARRE - Luzerne County Judge Michael Toole has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of honest services fraud and filing a false income tax return, the U.S. Attorney's office announced today.

CV: The U.S. Attorney's Office alleged Toole ruled in the unnamed attorney's favor in a case involving a vehicle insurance arbitration. Toole is also accused of concealing a $30,000 cash referral fee in 2006 and failing to report it on his tax return.

The charges

The plea agreement


Anonymous said...

I would love to see munday next

Anonymous said...

4:08 ....... you must have done something stupid and lost your case. Hugh Mundy is a perfect gentleman and his character is A1. Never, Never will he ever do anything that is on the wrong side of right.

Big Dan said...

Too bad they aren't going retroactive, they could check out his father. Good for the f*cker!!! Have fun in jail, a**hole!!!

Big Dan said...

Maybe Toole can have conjugal visits with Ciavarella and Conahan, and they can have a threesome.

And how about Jackie Musto Carroll saying she wants to retry 50 cases? So, she was happy with corrupt judge Ciavarella's rulings, that's what that tells me. I think she has to go, too! What a statement to make! I thought she said she didn't know what was going on right under her nose a door or two down in the courthouse. Now she wants to know?

Listen, I think it's OUTRAGEOUS that JMC said that!!! She has really got to go!

Stephen Albert said...

Seems to me there are only two choices at work here when it comes to the DA's office under Attorney Musto Carroll...

1. She knew this was happening and chose to do nothing...which in my opinion makes her passively complicit.

2. She wasn't paying enough attention to know what was going on...which makes her incompetent.

It's a case of "pick your poison".

Mean Old Man said...

My heart breaks for young Mr. Toole and his wonderful father. Yet, another purge by the Obama Justice Department.

Big Dan said...

JMC ignored retrying kids for cash to get them out when they shouldn't have been there, NOW she wants to retry kids for cash to get them in!

Does anyone realize this? This is outrageous, I can't believe this person is in office! My god!

And can you be retried for the same crime twice? Isn't that double jeopardy? Can someone chime in on this that's an expert? Isn't that double jeopardy?

There's got to be a push to get rid of JMC. We cannot have a DA like this, with all this going on!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Double Jeopardy is when a person Double Jeopardy is when a person is found innocent and they try to retry the case.

These 50 wonderful little kittens are the worst of the worst. Some of these kids have committed rape, arson, assault, etc and you think they should have their crimes just washed away? What about the victims? Get a brain!