Saturday, December 05, 2009

21 and counting

Wilkes-Barre Area VoTech employee Jeffrey Piazza got caught lining his pockets. His old man got him the job as Technology Coorrdinator then he got bumped upstairs to attendence coordinator to make room for a relative of another board member.

Piazza agrees to guilty plea

Jeffrey Piazza will plead guilty to accepting kickbacks


Anonymous said...

This is the guy who wore a wire on his friends. He is also the guy the Voch Tech people could not get to go to work. But most imortant he was a partner in a County Loan Sponsored restaurant and I would like to know if the county loan was ever repaid?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

12:15, If not repaid and you know that for sure, rather than throw a stone at an entire group of citizens, why not attend the next Commissioner's meeting and put them on the spot publicly? I was told that there was a bank guarantee of some sort in place in case of default. Don't throw darts, go to the meetings and throw real verbal stones at our elected officials. Public outcry works, try it.

Austin said...

Also Piazza's father is still on the Board of (un)Trustees for LCCC. I like how they are just right out in the open with their corruption and nepotism.

The LCCC board hired the company that gave the younger Piazza a job despite the fact that he was already being paid over 55k by WB Area Career and Tech Institute aka VoTech.

I go to LCCC and for my last speech broke down some of the most blatant lowlights.

Anonymous said...

Jeff P's wife was also hired at LCCC while Hoggie Augie was on the board. When they split up she was told to shut her mouth or lose the job.

Anonymous said...

This guy also was paying his workers under the table when he felt like paying them at the restaurant. this guy and his whole family ree crooks. Get them all the hell outta there.