Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kanjo on Obama's visit to Allentown

Congressman Kanjorski answers some questions after the President's visit to Allentown.

A choice quote from Kanjorski:

Our opposition is the just say no people, which is basically the Republican Party.They want us to lose in Afghanistan, have an unemployment rate of 15 to 20 percent because that would be to their political advantage.

The Pennsylvania Progressive has more.


Tom Borthwick said...

This is one of the reasons I love Kanjo. He just tells it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kanjo, they do want what's bad for the country because that would be good for their Party but there are also people like me who want an absolute end to the war and the exit from Iraq. Just end it!

NEPAConservative said...
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NEPAConservative said...
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NEPAConservative said...

Funny, sounds like PK borrowed a line from Republicans. The original party of "NO" is now in power. I guess when conservatives do it, it's wrong? The democrats have poo-poo'ed every idea put on the table by Republicans in the past and now the shoes on the other foot. Welcome to the party!!!

Big Dan said...

Ideas like what?

zorcong said...

“But in the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts - and people ate it up.”--Paul (Just say whatever it takes) Kanjorski

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to hear the Republican ideas ...... other than make the rich richer!

McGruff said...

Lose in Afgahnistan??? If he read any articles recently in the newspaper he would know that Afgahnistan has been a losing proposisiton from the British through the Soviets. 15-20% unemployment?? Obama and Kanjo gave us 10.2% unemployment...only 7400+ jobs created with stimulus in PA out of over 143000 promised.

Republicans being the richest..Don't make me laugh...Out of the top ten Senators and Congressman listed by assets seven of them are Democrats!!!

What is the deficit right now?? All the people attacked George Bush when is was one third of that.

Why is that the facts are ignored by the Democrats when it affects their leadership??

Anonymous said...


Gort said...

Gee 3;16, You say that like it's a bad thing.

David Yonki said...

Hey 3:16PM:
This is what liberal Democrats gave you:
Civil Rights
Higher Wages
Fair Labor Standards
Minorities serving in the military.
The Peace Corps.
EXtended unemployment compensation for people without jobs.
Social Security.
The GI Bill.
College loans and grants.
The WPA.
The TVA.
and little things like clean water, clean air, and equal housing. The GOP, the party of the people, said NO. You know what you call a Democrat who takes all of the good fortune engenered by his party to make his life better? Two things, an ingrate and a Republican!

Anonymous said...

David, let's not forget the 40 hour work week, Child labor laws and OSHA ... all of which are bad in the eyes of the Conservative Republicans. I'll never forget two things that really stick in my memory. !. The Reagan administration considered ketchup a vegetable in the school lunch program and 2. Reagan tried to cut Social Security, the Democratic Congress stopped him so he took credit for saving Social Security. Democrats will never outdo the Republicans because the Republicans are just too hard faced and the middle class followers really believe that they too will one day be the next Bill Gates. These people continue to run around yelling, "Mission Accomlished."

McGruff said...

In response:

The Republicans freed the slaves..The Republicans passed the first Civil Rights Act with Democrats filibustering its passage..The Republicans gave women the right to vote..
First woman on the Supreme Court Arizona Republican Sandra Day O'Connor...First Hispanic Member of a Cabinet Republican Lauro Cavazos under Ronald Reagan The first Hispanic U.S. Senator was elected from New Mexico in 1928. You guessed it -- he was a Republican, Octaviano Larrazolo.

Creation of the EPA- Republican..

Eisenhower established the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, established the Interstate Highway system, and began America's space exploration program.

We could banty back on forth on who did what but let's focus on who is doing what now?

McGruff said...

I thought you might be interested in the potential impact of healthcare reform on the tax treatment of certain over-the-counter (OTC) purchases. The House has passed a bill that would redefine OTC drugs and medicines as non-eligible for tax-free reimbursement from FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs. This provision would take effect on January 1, 2011. While a Senate bill has yet to be passed, the current Finance Committee bill contains a similar provision (with an effective date of January 1, 2010).

It is important to note that not all items on the SIGIS eligible items list would be affected. Only those items that represent drugs, medicines and biologicals are expected to be precluded from tax-free reimbursement. The best estimate at this time is that approximately one-third of the items on the list would be affected, including items in the following categories:
•Acid Controllers
•Allergy & Sinus
•Antibiotic Products
•Anti-Itch & Insect Bite
•Antiparasitic Treatments
•Baby Rash Ointments/Creams
•Cold Sore Remedies
•Cough, Cold & Flu
•Digestive Aids
•Feminine Anti-Fungal/Anti-Itch
•Hemorrhoidal Preps
•Motion Sickness
•Pain Relief
•Respiratory Treatments
•Sleep Aids & Sedatives
•Stomach Remedies

Your FSA accounts are being raided to the tune of $15 billion in recouped tax cuts by this action.

The Healthcare Reform bills also want to limit the total dollar amount put into FSA's as a way of regaining pre-tax dollars. That action jumps right on the backs of families with special needs children who rely on FSA's to pay for items not covered under their health insurance

McGruff said...

How about the penalty if you are poor and can't afford to purchase health insurance under these proposals?? How about the fact that the healthcare proposal still doesn't cover 100% of the people in this country???

And that's all Democratic action...

McGruff said...

Isn't taking back pre-tax dollars used to pay for healthcare a hidden tax increase on the poor??

But Obama and Kanjo said they were going to help the middle class? Yeah,,help clean out your pockets..

So the OTC Prilosec people buy becuase they can't afford the $50.00 copay for Nexium will now be taken away. Need a laxative to prep for a colonoscopy that saves countless your problem..using motrin or alieve because you can't afford the copay oin Celebrex..shit out of luck..want to use your FSA to pay for diapers for your special needs child...better find the cheapest crap on the market..want to self treat your cold or flu to keep out of the emergency room which saves healthcare dollars....your dime now...

need to catch your breath..damn why should we pay to keep you breathing...ohhh please tell me how the Dems are doing with healthcare reform...

McGruff said...

$42 billion cut to home health agencies who take care of loved ones at home rather than institutiionlize them saving countless of healthcare dollars and resources...ohh yes that is the latest vote by the pay for their excessive bill...

McGruff said...

To add insult to injury, the Internal Revenue Service would get new enforcement powers to determine if people have acceptable (in the eyes of politicians and bureaucrats) health insurance.

Fix what is wrong with the present system before you create a whole new system.. Pass immediate legislation that prohibits waiting periods or denial because of pre-exisiting conditions. Prevent putting high risk patients in policies separated from the rest so you can supercharge their premium...allow across county and state line marketing of insurance plans..allow for bigger consortiums to purchase health insurance to increase competition..eliminate the donut hole in Med Part D or at least reduce its impact...get consumers to shop their needs in a much broader fashion...right now they shop for the best physician or about a way to get both..

How can the government want to tax cadillac premium insurance plans when they sell Cadillacs???

Why don't they just fix what's wrong and keep what is good??

Start preventing disease rather than waiting for it to happen and treating it...

Encourage healthier lifestyles..our present rank in healthcare is as much a patient driven problem as it is with the provision of healthcare..

Tony Thomas said...


The Dept of Education was created by Carter. Reagan wanted to do away with it.

The civil rights successes of the gop that you mention were not done by the modern gop. the opposition was not by the modern democratic party. the modern republican party has tended to vote against civil rights advancements.

republicans may have been the majority in getting women the right to vote and freed slaves but since the 50s they've been standing in the way of civil rights progress.

Anonymous said...

mcgruff, you sound like a drug pusher afraid of losing business.
go back defending Mr Barletta, and where is his dramatic financial proposal?> i read about it and i continue to wait, should Kanjo be shaking in his shoes? lol

talk about the financial disaster the Mayor put the City in, and please no more "if Hazleton got what WB and Scranton does" typical whining from lower luzerne county.

People dont care about Democrats or Republicans, they want proven leaders. Lou isnt one of those!

Anonymous said...

Clinton made salsa an approved vegetable in the school lunch program. Ketchup + some peppers and spices = health food according to Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:16. Looks like President Ronnie was on the right track.

Stephen Albert said...

"People dont care about Democrats or Republicans"

Very true. The only people who buy into the "Democrats Evil" or "Republicans Evil" bull$hit are those who never will take the time to actually discover what the other side has to offer. In reality, the truth isn't the exclusive property of ANY political party and both sides mange to get it right once in a while, despite their best efforts.

As for the candidates...

My problem with Kanjorski is that he's been in Washington too long (and isolated from what really matters to folks back in the district) has has proven himself to be fully capable of using his position for family gain (Cornerstone Technologies). His "too big to fail" rhetoric is frightening: some large financial services companies didn't take any government money & have actually managed well through the recession...why then penalize them for the actions of others? AIG was a failure of overall risk management and exceptionally lax regulation (of the same sort that allowed Bernie Madoff to scam billions). Kanjorski is painting ever large financial services company with the same brush...conceptually the kind of scare tactic favored by Republicans such as his likely opponent Lou Barletta.

My problem with Barletta is that he shamelessly uses the (sometimes) racist fears of immigrants to make cheap political points. Hmmmmm....landlords have to check for US who might that be aimed at? The nice white couple looking for an apartment or those dark-skinned folks who have a accent???? As if that wasn't bad enough, he also used Hazelton's municipal checking account as part of a scheme to gain a national political attention...a municipal checking account that has never really been healthy to being with. Barletta apparently forgot about that part of the U.S. Constitution where it says that the Federal government is responsible for border security.

What's left? Corey O'Brien, a guy who has four words to note on his resume under government service: "half term, county commissioner".

All things considered, if those are the only choices I'll probably pick the guy who has done the least harm.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

You must all understand that if the common man was not taxed through the roof, he would have much more money to spend on things like college for his children, utility bills, food, and dare I say, health insurance. This is not conservative rhetoric, but plain common sense. Class dismissed!!!

Big Dan said...

Republicans "freed the slaves", and now they turned around and are the opposite: they have ZERO black senators or congressmen since 2002, JC Watts.

A sarcastic post, but to make a point:

Big Dan said...

Prof Cleaver: yeah, like the great depression BEFORE FDR had the New Deal, right? Everyone had money...if by "everyone", you mean the robber barons. All the robber barons had money.

Big Dan said...

The Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl all the time a long time ago, now they stink.

The Republicans "freed the slaves" a long, long, LONG time ago. Now, they're the "rich white guy" party. Not the "white guy" party, the "RICH white guy" party, so even though I'm white, that leaves ME out!

Big Dan said...

And slavery didn't end: we outsourced it. American companies are paying someone in Communist China 69 cents an hour to make plastic crap for us, children, too.

Anonymous said...

hey big dan instead of pissing your time away on the web, go out and make some money and make yourself rich. o shit, that would take action instead of words.. sorry

Anonymous said...

Big Dan is really Greg Skrep in disguise

Stephen Albert said...

"Big Dan is really Greg Skrep in disguise"

Impossible, as I've actually read multi-syllable words in Big Dan's blog postings.