Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man in the middle

Jerry Bonner decided to plead guilty to just one charge of funneling a bribe of $1400 from local engineering contractor Michael Pasonick to fellow Housing Authority (retired Wilkes-Barre cop)member Bill Maguire. What was the vig? Bonner originally was going to fight the charges but was offered a deal that he couldn't refuse by the US Attorney. For this and other possible misdeeds he will get probation if the Judge goes along with the sweetheart deal. I hope the judge throws it out and there is a trial.

Jerry was the longtime owner of the Carriage Stop Inn on Route 315 that was the top spot for Democratic candidate fundraisers "because he had the best prices" according to a past County Commissioner. The Carriage Stop burned down a few years ago on St. Patrick's Day after closing early. How many bars close early on biggest drinking day of the year is a question that should be looked into. He also beat a gambling rap when it couldn't be proven that he actually owned the place.

After hosting so many Democratic fundraisers over the years Bonner was rewarded with the office of Democratic Jury Commissioner in the 1996 election which is basically a do nothing job that pays well. He might have even earned a pension for his "service." He was appointed as an "unpaid " member of the Luzerne County Housing Authority in 1993.

Note: I have been assured by the Rain Man that he has an airtight alibi about his whereabouts that fateful St. Patrick's Day. His ire about the price increase of Killian's along with his known carelessness with alcohol and butane lighters should not infer any wrongdoing.


Anonymous said...

Pretty tough post. Jerry must have peed in your cheerios. His place did burn and neither the State Police Fire Marshal nor the insurance company found any signs of arson so why throw such a low punch? He was not awarded the Jerry Commissioner's position, he ran against and beat a young man who had the position for years and his father had it before him. Jerry certainly did have many an event in his place of business and why not, food was great, the price was right, Jerry has a great personality and he has been a contributor to the Democratic Party for many years. Is there something wrong with showing some loyalty? I know you don't understand that because loyalty is an old trait of which this new generation shows very little of.The truth about this case is very simple. He first said he would plea and after thought said he didn't do anything wrong and didn't take any money so he was going to fight it. Now just stop and consider the possibility of finding a jury in this area who is not already tainted. If he fights and wins, he gets buried or he takes a plea and gets a slap on the writs. Is Jerry a bad guy or just another notch on the Fed's six shooter? It isn't easy maintaining a Christian attitude when I read such harsh comments, especially when the author has no clue.

Forrest Gump said...

Anon 3:09a.m. if you know so much about the fire, how do you explain the demolition team that was at the property the next morning and already removing debris before the fire marshal even set foot on the place?

I was a frequenter of that establishment and as I remember it, there was no investigation because of this.

I'm not saying Jerry Bonner did anything wrong and I'm not saying he is an angel, I'm just saying, get all the facts before you badmouth the author (GORT 42).

Forrest Gump said...

Another thing about Jerry Bonner:

He sued his insurance company (Pachense and Joyce) claiming that because of "bad advice" he underinsured his restaurant.

The insurance company claimed that they DID advise him to increase his insurance, but Jerry didn't want to pay higher premiums.

Guess who the judge was that heard the case; that's right the one and only "MAD" Mike Conahan.

He found in favor of the insurance company and didn't award Jerry any additional monies.

Interesting isn't it.

Pope George Ringo said...

Nobody asked me, but one time, back in the day, the Rain Man and I were having a drink at the Carriage Stop Bar as a wedding was taking place in one of the three ballrooms. A thunderstorm erupted and suddenly massive leaks occured throughout the bar room and parts of the ballroom. My questions is this: if you are operating an establishment which hosts weddings, why would you not provide upkeep? Surely it does not do a business reputation good to have the bridal party complain that they were "soaked". Obviously, if you have no plans to keep the business, why bother paying a contractor to fix it up?? Of course, this is all speculation. I will say that the Carriage Stop was a great place to gather. What a cast of characters one would find in that bar room!!! Most of them were derelicts in suits and ties; one, I believe was a doctor who killed one of his patients and lost his license to practice. Another was a gentleman who looked like Osama Bin Laden (this was pre-9/11). When it burned down, for whatever reason, I felt as if I had lost an old friend. Long live the Carriage Stop Inn!!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't asked either but I understand that the SPFM allowed te building to be demolished. The job could not have been done without approval. Conahan found in favor of the insurance company and you find that to be bad? If the judge had found in favor of Bonner, I would understand the reference to MAD JUDGE CONAHAN but he didn't so what is the point? This is proof poitive that people love the sight of blood. Finally, the shot at the author should have been written differently because it was actually meant for the people who commented in the newspaper article.

Anonymous said...

"Jerry has a great personality and he has been a contributor to the Democratic Party for many years. Is there something wrong with showing some loyalty?"

STOP IT...STOP IT, I CAN TAKE IT ANYMORE!! Of course there is still party loyalty among us democrats. We shared the graft and just didn't keep it for ourselves. Where would we all be if our friends Jerry and Frankie "knee caps" Pizzella kept all the stash for themselves? Now you're picking on poor Greg who always helped his buddies in their time of financial need. After all don't you judge a man by how many friends he has? Have a heart, it's only money!!