Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This sends the wrong message

Indicted Pizzella heads W-B Area

A board member under indictment by the FBI was re-elected to the presidency of the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board on Monday, even as new directors were sworn in to replace two others caught up in the ongoing corruption investigation in the county.

Pizzella gets another term as Wilkes-Barre Area president

Six board members voted in favor of Pizzella, while two others, Lynn Evans and Robert Corcoran, abstained from voting. Maryanne Toole voted against Pizzella.

Yes, "everybody is innocent until proven guilty” as Joe Moran said but keeping him as board president tells us that nothing will change.

The arraignment of Pizzella on a conspiracy charge is scheduled for Dec. 18.


Stephen Albert said...

Corruption, arrogance and stupidity, all rolled up into one governing body. Amazing. The voters in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District should be storming the next meeting and demanding that ALL OF THEM resign, except for Ms Toole.

Anonymous said...

What are these people thinking - or not! Couldn't they just fake they were pro-taxpayer and anti-corruption for a couple months.

I'm a fan of having the government as local as possible, but this shakes my belief that is the best approach.

Mean Old Man said...

John F. Kennedy is smiling down from Heaven on these patriots of the W-B School Board---what profiles in courage they are!!! These youngsters have gone against the tide of mob rule and voted their conscience. I'm proud of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God Christine Katsock FINALLY got elected to stand up to this kind of old school politics.

Forrest Gump said...

Luzerne County will NEVER change!!! Doesn't matter who we vote for or not vote for. This area is truly a "culture of corruption". Everybody, and I mean everybody, has the attitude that they are owed something and if they can't get it from an honest days work they'll do whatever it takes to get what they feel is theirs.

"Valley With A Heart", do you remember that slogan? It has no meaning. It is all these well to do people in the area congratulating themselves for helping out others who are less fortunate, but at the same time are on the take fleecing us for every penny they can get their grubby hands on.

We should not be outraged, we know its going to continue.

Sorry for being realistic.

Anonymous said...

Christine Katsock :-(

The ultimate disappointment. I guess all the years of getting beat down turned her from watch dog to whimpering dog in the corner. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers of Wilkes Barre area need to picket the administration building everyday until this injustice is turned around and everyone of them are forced to resign. Christine Katsock should be ashamed of herself and these people like Phil Latinski and Mike McGinley are all empty suits..

Anonymous said...

Mean Old Man needs a good AWAKENING! His name says much about his character. CREEPY isn't he? I wonder how much he has gained from all his corrupt buddies.

Anonymous said...

Mean Old Man must be doubled up laughing. More proof that this is the Valley With A Heart But No BRAIN! Hey Mean Old Man, maybe someday you will explain and enlighten the poor folk.

Anonymous said...

From the CV "Board members, except for Katsock who had no comment, also explained their decision to reappoint federally indicted board member Pizzella"

Katsock couldn't keep quiet for years when she was getting trounced. Now all of a sudden she has no comment?! What a disappointment. I want my vote back.

gort what is your opinion on this?