Saturday, February 20, 2010

119h update

Bear Creek Township Chairman Supervisor Gary Zingaretti is seeking the Democratic nomination for state rep in the 119th district to succeed John Yudichak who is running for the the state senate. He has been in the news trying to reduce the fatalities on Route 115 urging a reduction of the speed limit as a first start. He brags that "I'm the only one who's got actual experience in government."

That may not be a plus this year.

Ziggy is a number cruncher who went to Coughlin HS in Wilkes-Barre then went to King's for his undergrad degree then got a masters from Wilkes U.

His opponent in the Democratic primary is Jerry Mullery who welcomed him into the race.

"Anybody who believes that they can help the citizens of the 119th should get involved and should make a run for the seat, and hopefully the voters will educate themselves as to the position of each candidate and select the one that they believe can best serve them."

The other Dem mentioned as possibly running is Bob Morgan who lost the Luzerne County Controller's race to Walter Griffith in the last election.

Mullery sent out this PR a few days ago:

I am that type of leader and I ask for the support of anyone else who shares these values.

Attorney Mullery resides in Alden with his wife, the former Michele Mech, and the couples four children, Leah, 9, Lauren, 8, Liam, 4, and Louden, 2. Attorney Mullery operates a private law practice in Kingston. He is a graduOn Wednesday, February 17th, Attorney Gerald J. Mullery of Newport Township officially announced his candidacy for the 119th Legislative District. His reasons for running are outlined below:

My political aspirations of late have been fueled by the corruption at all levels of government and the overwhelming evidence that many of our elected officials have demonstrated a complete lack of fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately many elected officials have abandoned their constituents, pandered to those few who can secure the elected officials' influence by the promise of large donations, a quid pro quo or alternatively by way of creating a perception that a particular group can deliver the vote necessary to keep those already in public office well entrenched, to the detriment of the rest of the community. This unfortunate environment is no less a threat in the 119th Legislative District of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania than in our country as a whole.

I have four young children, an elder parent, elder in-laws, relatives and friends whose children's futures are at stake, much like my own. We need leaders who are willing to put personal ambitions aside and work toward creating a better community for all, regardless of race, age, sex, religion or political beliefsate of Greater Nanticoke Area High School, King's College and Duquesne University School of Law.


Dana said...

He's going to reduce the speed limit that no one obeys anyway?

chicobri said...

Gort -- can you change the tags and headline for this? If he's running for Yudichaks's seat, then he's in the 119th, not the 117th, which doesn't cover Bear Creek Twp at all.

Gort said...


Austin said...

This is my district and I can't wait to get knee deep in this race. I hope its good.

Anonymous said...

Gort, Please double check your quote reference. The "We'll pretend we're running a primary right through May" was from Republican Rick Arnold, not Mr. Zingaretti.

Gort said...

Thanks 735. That makes more sense.