Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kanjo is running for reelection

Corey O’Brien is a nice young man; he supported me in the past. I understand ambition.”- Congressman Paul Kanjorski

With no kickoff rally or other hoopla Paul Kanjorski announced on twitter that he is seeking a 14th term in the US House of Representatives. Congressman Paul Kanjorski's volunteers in PA-11 are circulating his nominating petitions. He's running for reelection.

He sat down with both the Times-Leader and Citizens Voice (but not bloggers.. Abbie?) to state his case that his seniority is more of an asset to the people of the district than ever before.
“If I were to leave this year, the longest-serving legislator in the region will be Sen. Bob Casey,” Kanjorski said. “We are losing state Senators Bob Mellow and Ray Musto, who are retiring. If I go and Sen. Casey is not re-elected in his next run, then we might as well close down the ballroom....“We must avoid the shock of having no legislator with clout,” he said. “When I leave and Sen. Musto and Sen. Mellow are gone, there could be a long desert to cross.”
He has some irons in the fire such as his "to big to fail" amendment and defended the stimulus bill that has brought $150 million to the district. He said the focus on health care reform was a disconnect from people's anxiety about the economy and jobs. He attacked the Senate Republican strategy of filibustering everything in the Senate in order to defeat the President.

"They've decided that it doesn't matter what's good for the country, 'let's bring him down,'" Kanjorski said. "It's not having an impeachment, literally, but it's a political impeachment. If you destroy the validity of a presidency, you don't have to worry, he's just putting in time and then he'll be out of there."

He gives an honest assessment of the political environment like he always does:

"If the election is decided as a referendum on the last 14 months, this coming November, the Democrats are going to lose."

For all you Cornerstone obsessed people he says that Bush Justice Department found nothing illegal.

Don’t you think with a Republican president and administration that I was checked out thoroughly?” Kanjorski offered. “And they found nothing wrong.”


Ed Mitchel Sucks said...

I think he is saying he is to big to fail

Kanjo has to respect the intra party challenge cause he did the same thing to Frank Harrison, who did not deserve to get screwed over and smeared by Kanjo and Ed Mitchell because he was out of town on the request of Tip O'Niel and a water problem occurred, which has nothing to do with Congress. I can never respect Knajo becuase of how he won a campaign against an Honorable man who would have been a better Congressman who is the same party. There would be no empty "harrison center" but the region would have been served by a gentleman who would have been a leader on big issues for a long time, Not Kanjo who just started taking a national profile but is still secounf fiddle to barney frank. Harrisson would have been chair of Foreign relations and follow in Floods footsteps as an expert on Latin America and would have been able to think of creative solutions to Reds (as flood would have called them) like Chavez

So I said Kanjorski beating Harrison cuased the rise and influce of Hugo Chavez, becuase As a powerful member of the Forign relations committee He would have though of a good way(non violnet) to solve them.

A strecth, perhaps but Kanjo is a "Chase Utley" A-hole and I hate him for how he represents waht ois wrong with Congress by going after Harrison on a local and emotional issue.

Chase Utley refers to word used in a speech giving by the player of the same name after the last team who did not have players on roids won a World Series.

so canjo is bad for congress lke the Yankees are bad for baseball.

All spelling mistakes and ranting and incomplete sentences are the result of rage that was resurrected by thinking about the cheap shots of kanjo

Anonymous said...

In the citizens voice on thursday kanjo basically threw obama under the bus the same man who if it was not for he would not have won two years ago. The man says he is trying to control the banks and wall street but all of the money he gets is from wall street and the banks.

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
ActBlue $40,200 $40,200 $0
Credit Union National Assn $11,000 $0 $11,000
Chubb Corp $10,000 $0 $10,000
Independent Community Bankers of America $10,000 $0 $10,000
Liberty Mutual Insurance $10,000 $0 $10,000
This is just some of the companys he got money from. Kanjo only got donations from 4 local companies the rest are from all over the country.
I had to laugh when Ed Mitchell said that contributers to Corey OBrien were low hanging fruit. Isnt the low hanging fruit the people of Kanjos district?

ThePartyisova said...

Didnt Ed Mitchell run the campaigns of Civarella, Conahan, and Toole. How is he both the spokesperson for Mellow, and Kanjorski? Arent his campaigns just negative ads and positive ads and how much does he make? I think Kanjorski and Mitchell have been cashing checks for far too long. With an anti incumbant movement the bell is tolling for Kanjorski.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Kanjorski and Mini Me Paul Maher that it is time to retire they have been collecting a huge pay check for fare too long. I think he will take the loss far worse then Kanjorski

Anonymous said...

"His administration and he seemed to freeze in place, and so did the Congress that 'we don't give a damn, we're going to have health care,'" Kanjorski said during an interview Wednesday with The Citizens' Voice editorial board. "That was sort of a disconnect with the American population," Kanjorski said. "Most people out here in the land were realizing that their biggest concerns were jobs and the economy". Paul Kanjorski on Obama. The same Paul Kanjorski who if it was not for Obama would be retired now and Lou Barletta would be the Congressman. Kanjo you r a disgrace to the democratic party. where are all the jobs and money you braught back to the district. Oh i forgot about the beautiful river common project the steps to nowhere. The contractors on that project were from new jersey so they were not even local contractors. when the flood comes because of the hole in the dike will you help me find a new home.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1039 check your spelling but you r right Paul Maher is Mini Me. Kanjo will loose in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Mayor L of Wilkes-Barre is like a mini me too isnt he doesnt he get advice from Kanjo? Doesnt fast Eddie Mitchell run both their campaigns. Isnt everyone tired of all these wise guys.

Anonymous said...

1039, you might want to take your own advice.

Why do people bring into play who the campaign advisor is? Who the hell cares who writes the speeches and prepares the ads. It's the content that is approved by the candidate that upsets me, not the author. Kanjo is an opportunist who should be barred from the White House. Shame on him for walking away from the President. Complete phony. Kanjo is right, Corey O'Brien is a nice young man and he is also a bright young man and will make for one hell of a Congressman. Say good night Gracie and say good by Kanjo, you're outta here! Take Arlen by the hand and both of you head for Miami to enjoy your golden years. We need a break and young blood that does not include looser Lou. And good riddance to mini me Maher.
Joe Da Voter

Herself said...

It is wrong to treat healthcare as a problem that is disconnected and separate from our economic crisis--it is a linked problem (sorry Congressman Kanjorski, but wrong on this one). What is one of the number one causes of home foreclosures (which was one of the first symptoms and causes of our current economic crisis)? People being overwhelmed by exorbitant medical debt so they could not afford to pay their mortgages.

40 million of our people are unable to get adequate healthcare. They want to be a productive citizen but it is hard to be productive sometimes when you don't have your health!

And what's with the remark about Sen. Casey? As if the people of PA would allow Sen. Casey to lose in 2012--a man who lacks relative seniority in the Senate (if we want to talk about seniority arguments), but who has risen relatively high and been able to do much in his short tenure--in some part thanks to being smart enough and brave enough to be SUPPORTIVE of the man who is currently our President BEFORE it was popular!

Anonymous said...

Kanjo is out of touch with his constituents. Please retire Paul

Anonymous said...

Government solution for everything. Herself is out of touch with herself

Herself said...

Herself is not out of touch with Herself because Herself is a patriotic and loyal citizen who doesn't believe the US government is inherently evil. If I knew your name Anonymous I'd ask you if you'd like a cup of Tea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah just tell mini me to retire please mini me