Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chris Doherty for Govenor, Lt. Governor, Congressman, State Senator or whatever

This guy has now become a joke.

Elect me to something!

From Borys

Scranton mayor to run for state Senate, not governor


Joseph said...

Very disingenuous post, Gort. Doherty was running for governor and dropped out because he didn't raise enough money and Mellow stepped down at a convenient time. Doherty never ran for Congress or for Lt Gov...or was he runninng just because his wife asked people to vote in an online poll?

But you're probably right...such a joke. You haters can talk when someone in Northeastern Pennsylvania actually beats him.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big Doherty person--although he's at worst an above average mayor--but I don't get the criticisms about putting his hat in the ring for more than one office.

Hey, Gort, I don't remember you knocking Bob Casey, Jr when he ran for three offices in two years--governor, treasurer, then us senator.

Ah, the Casey double standard. I wish Toomey would have waited to run against that clown.

Anonymous said...

Gort, this was not your best piece of work. Dougherty has done an outstanding job in Scranton and he did it against al odds. He was bright enough to know his gubernatorial chances were nil and Mellow gave him a golden opportunity. Do we want proven ability or a pig in a poke. How smart is that state Rep who is giving up a safe seat in the House for an ego trip?Dougherty is the man for the job so get off his back and on to his team. You want good government and he can do the job. By the way, I never met the man.

Mayor James Derby said...

DOugherty has the advantage in this race. I can't understand JIm Wanczak taking such a risk by giving up his seat. he should have pulled a Lyndon Johnson and ran for both seats simultaneously. I doubt that Wansacz will take the race against the Mayor and I doubly doubt that he will regain his house seat next time around.

Tom Borthwick said...


You said it better than I ever could've.

I love it, haha!

Stephen Albert said...

With all the Polish/Slovak/Lithuanian/Hungarian/etc. names in this area you would think that "Doherty" would be an easy one to remember.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

As a Scranton resident who has voted for the Mayor in the past, I am somewhat disappointed in all of this. He has done a decent job as Mayor...made some mistakes (including not providing reasonable cost of living raises to unionized police & firefighters), but on balance the city is in better shape now than it was when he was first elected. However it's hard to not get the impression that he is running away from the city now that Janet Evans is running amok in City Council.

Anonymous said...

Mr Albert, I just don't agree. Janet Evans with her whining patronizing voice would and could have no effect on Dougherty. She may run the council and she does offer some very good suggestion but believe me, she has nothing to do with Dougherty seeking the highest level of public service his ability and popularity allow. He is a good man, a good father and obviously an excellent administrator. He has shown his worth now I will give him my vote. I actually feel bad for Jimmy, D-U-M-B move. Who the hell are his advisors? This is his career and he has/had it made. I did meet him a few times but not enough to have formed an opinion. I've heard he is a nice guy but an empty head and this just proves it.

Peter said...

Jim Wansacz is a genial enough person but a TOTAL idiot.

Didn't he vote for the pay raise? And he certainly collects all the per diems. This race is all Doherty unless John Blake or some other commodity catches fire.

Joe Corcoran will run a campaign out of the Stone Age and get his ass kicked. He's another example of what's wrong with government--shows up at 2 in the afternoon for 20 years as a commissioner, loses, then gets a cushy state job and state car. You'll never see Joe Corcoran turning down financial perks!

Anonymous said...

Doherty sounds a lot like Steve "Wheel of Offices" Urban. What should I run for, lets spin the wheel and see. Halfway between Lt Gov and Senate, oh well I'll try both.