Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10th CD happenings

Dave Madeira's Magical Mystery tour of the district started in Honesdale yesterday and made it to the Pierce Street Deli in Kingston but cut it short because of the predicted snowstorm skipping his last stop in Lewisburg disappointing tens of people awaiting his arrival. What is it about the Pierce Street Deli and Republicans? Tom Marino also made a stop at the place on his announcement tour. Maybe they like the really rare roast beef sandwiches that I enjoy.

Some choice quotes

He predictably called incumbent Chris Carney a "liberal" that is “deceiving the district into thinking he’s a Blue Dog Democrat.”

His message is simple.I’m running because I believe the time is right for a businessman and not a professional politician to represent the people of this region in Washington,” he said from his home Tuesday night... “I’m making no personal attacks on him, but it’s his record I strongly disagree with. He likes to wave his Blue Dog credentials, but one year ago, he voted for President Obama’s stimulus plan that not only brought no stimulus, but saw unemployment jump to over 10.1 percent. I’m alarmed at the deficit. And Carney has to take responsibility for his votes. Is this who we want representing us?”

He then talks about being inspired by the Tea Bag Movement " It’s a grass-roots movement comprised of independent thinkers, businessmen, doctors, but the common thread in the group is how people feel disconnected with their congressmen. It doesn’t seem like Congress is listening to us. ”

Nice try Dave but you wanted to run for this seat long before the tea parties started.

The Dems react

DCCC: With the official launch of his campaign, this morning David Madeira became the latest candidate to enter the contest for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania ’s 10th congressional district. With his announcement, however, he is also bringing a heavy dose of irresponsible rhetoric with him, highlighted by his recent call for the expiration of regulations that protect children from dangerous lead toys.

“Dave Madeira's recent call to sunset regulations that ensure children have safe, lead-free toys speaks volumes about how grossly out of touch he is with northeastern Pennsylvania ,” said Shripal Shah , Northeast Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Dave Madeira is seriously mistaken if he thinks voters across the 10th district are going to buy in to these kinds of beliefs.”

From his blog Could we please have our country back now?

Yesterday I featured a clip from Stossel's expose' on Crony Capitalism with the other Carney. In todays clip, Stossel says that Salvation Army says it had to dump $100,000,000 worth of second hand toys and another $100,000,000 worth of second hand clothing to comply with new regulations...Congressman Chris Carney proudly touts his support for these new measures on his website. We need to sunset all regulations so Congress has to review them regularly to make sure that they are counting the cost of all these good intentions.

PA Democratic Party Chairman TJ Rooney:

"Dave Madeira offers more canned partisan rhetoric at a time when Washington needs to come together to solve our nation’s problems. Now is the time to bring the parties together, not separate them further. Congressman Carney is a leader who voters in the 10th District can be proud of, having shown the kind of bipartisanship that has twice ranked him among the most independent members in the House. He is a strong advocate for the needs of his community, having fought to fund area projects and pushed for tax cuts for area families and tax credits for small businesses."

Congressman Chris Carney's camp said:

"Congressman Carney is proud to have fought hard to bring investments to our region that boost employment, provide improvements to our region’s hospitals and infrastructure and enable our community’s law enforcement officers to have the equipment they need to keep us safe. He stands up for the needs of our region every day in Congress and will never stop fighting for the many worthy projects throughout our community."

The other GOP candidates are Steven Solieri and young Ted Yale who not eligible for the office according to the Scranton Public Examiner and Malcolm Derk.

Derk sent out a press release today that said this about the stimulus "Malcolm Derk strongly opposes this type of reckless spending . The Daily Item reports that the Snyder County Commissioners will create a job using, you guessed it, stimulus money.

Update: a dissent from the inbox

Hi Gort,I read your blog frequently and I saw this today about Malcolm Derkwho is running for Congress in PA10:"Derk sent out a press release today that said this about the stimulus"Malcolm Derk strongly opposes this type of reckless spending . TheDaily Item reports that the Snyder County Commissioners will create ajob using, you guessed it, stimulus money."

I think the whole premise of the paragraph is misleading. I'm fromSnyder County and have followed the county government issues closely. My understanding on the matter is that the Snyder County Commissionershaven't yet voted on creating the position- and all of the quotes inthe article come from Joe Kantz (the other snyder countycommissioner). The article only mentions Malcolm Derk in passing.

And personally I think it's different if a Congressman votes against legislation and then later claims credit for the bill's benefits-that's being hypocritical. Congressman have a vote on the house floor, therefore they directly have a say in the matter. Chris Carney has voted against Appropriations bills in the House, but then claims credit for the earmarks in those bills- which annoys me. But Governors, Mayors, and Commissioners don't have a vote in Congress- so they can't determine the amount of federal money that is allocated to their constituents. Similarly, Governors, Mayors, and Commissioners don't get to pick and choose which federal laws tofollow- they have to follow all of them.


Gottfried said...

I appreciate how you usually balance your sarcasm and opinions with fairness. But suggesting hypocrisy on the part of government officials who criticize the stimulus, while still trying to use the money it provides responsibly, undermines that credibility. Still, I usually enjoy your posts, even when I disagree.

shivas said...

When is somebody going to stand up and tell the politicians that getting together in Washington to provide solutions for our problems only causes many more problems than they are trying to solve. Give me the politicians who tells us he's going to get Washington, or Harrisburg, or the Luzerne County government out of the way and let the people take responsibility for themselves. That's the politician that will help to solve the problems.

Anonymous said...

I hope Yale wins just because I would giggle that this district elects a 23-year old.

Also - I hate social security. Does that mean if I pay in my whole life then accept the payments later I am being hypocritical?

Tony Thomas said...

Great another teabagger running for office...

Anonymous said...

Great, another "Jedi Master" posting pointless remarks online.

Tony Thomas said...

Great another cowardly anonymous poster posting a pointless response to a valid, yet brief, criticism, of Maderia.