Friday, February 05, 2010

Count the Mexicans

Officials: Latinos key to accurate city count

The Census in key not only to the apportionment of the House of Representatives in the Congress and state legislature but it used in funding formulas for a myriad of federal and state programs.

Legal or not America's Mayor Lou Barletta wants you to fill out the form so Hazleton can get it's fair share.

"Hopefully everyone will participate....I believe this census will indicate a substantial increase based on enrollment in our schools as well as our own observations in providing services in the city," Barletta said. "However, sometimes it becomes difficult for the census to get an accurate count."

I wonder why people of Latino heritage in Hazleton would avoid government forms?

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Anonymous said...

Read that article, it shows how Barletta knows how to count people. you can rest assured that the people that received these tickets are long time residents of Hazleton.

a City that is cash strapped and Bareltta selectively waives parking fines???????????!!!!!!!

now you see from another example of Barletta's irresponsible financial experience.