Monday, February 15, 2010

Richard Shermanski for State Represenative

Back Mountain Republican State Representative Karen Boback has an opponent.

TL: Richard Shermanski Jr., a 23-year-old law student, announced Monday he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative in the 117th Legislative District.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly is “plagued by our representatives’ inability to work together, which, in effect, is only hurting this state’s citizens.
“I, for one, am tired of it,” he said. “If elected, I promise to finally set aside this partisan arguing and work to create a General Assembly that works for the people and not the party.”

Good luck with that bipartisan thing.

Shermanski has worked in the state house and interned for Congressman Paul Kanjorski.

He has a website that has more information.

Elect Richard Shermanski for the 117th district


Anonymous said...

Oh, okay, let's elect this dumb kid and partisanship will disappear.


Better chance Sarah Palin gets chosen as UN Secretary General.

Anonymous said...

You need to have a good race like Hackett - Meuser 2. Was a lot more exciting! Where is KAR when you need him.

Herself said...

Why do we always have to disparage and discourage our youth??? Are we worth less as citizens for being under-30? What a disgusting, ignorant and boorish attitude. Do you have anything to justify calling him a "dumb kid" on OTHER than his age?

Anonymous said...

I didn't call him a dumb kid, but his page mentions he's a student at Thomas Cooley Law School, aka as the worst law school in the United States of America.

So I accept the "dumb" adjective!

Anonymous said...

Who cares where he goes to school? Boback's going to crush him anyway.

Tony Thomas said...

If the first Anonymous poster and the one who responded to Sabrina are the same person...then you did call the kid dumb in the first post.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Richard Shermanski didn't work for the State House he was a long haired joke of an intern. Btw, Judge Amesbury went to Cooley.

Anonymous said...

Better a long haired freak then some Christian Republican.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Richard, actually. I'll take him over Karen "I haven't accomplished one thing in 4 years" Boback!!