Tuesday, February 09, 2010


This is rich. The shady company that Luzerne County gave a no bid contract to do a basic function of government, paying it's employees, subcontracted the work to another outfit. Former HR Director and debit card abuser Doug Richards has been indicted for taking a bribe from an unnamed contractor. It's not hard to figure out the connection.

Outsourcing a basic government function like housing juvenile offenders blew the lid off this mess.

It's not hard to understand why many people oppose a 15% increase in county property taxes to pay for years mismanagement and corruption.


Anonymous said...

The real question here is what the 15% tax increase is being used for. If it is for past mis management, then how can you hold Petrilla nd Cooney responsibile? Why can't people see onderspend for what he is and was? He is a Republican in Democrat clothing. He doubled the couty's debt, approved the 58 million dollar lease and you hon blowers don't seem to give a damn. Get your heads out of your asses, stop cheering for the 5 and dime arrests and scream holy hell over the big picture. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

So the county payrol dept could not issue these checks? If we don't need them to pay these types of payrolls then we just don't need them. This function is a big part of the Controller's office so where is Griffith the mouth now?

Anonymous said...

where IS this money going? to all the managements companys, making big dollars off the backs of the tax payers! another one today (2/11/10)in the Times Leader was interesting: http://www.timesleader.com/news/County_contract_problems_mounting_02-11-2010.html,
but no one seems to blog about it. It's been written about in both papers a few times, and the more they dig the more they find. Seems Reilly keeps coming up in this new business scheme. how shocking how this man is still in office. its time the taxpayers revolt and take back the county...demand they file bankruptcy so we don't have to pay the 645million dollar debt. they can never get out of it without doing so. until then...keep upping the taxes until we do something.