Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're all going to die!

Most people will be off to the grocery store for bread, eggs and milk but I have the essentials already. Charcoal, steaks, gas for the snowblower and a case of beer plus toilet paper.


Forrest Gump said...

I like mine medium-rare. Carmelized onions and mushrooms on top of steak. I'll bring a case of beer too! Just do me a favor and wait until the snow event is over before using the snow blower. I hate those people that go out every hour to "stay on top of it". Relax and enjoy. I'll see you and the missus about 6:30p.m. tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

i hate this fucking place

Big Dan said...

The primary reason why the Economic Elite have gained such dominance is their commitment to psychological operations that divide-and-conquer the US public. They use their overwhelming influence over mainstream media outlets and political candidates in very clever ways to divide us.

It is known among political scientists that powerful forces always seek to gain control of pre-existing social and political institutions so they can usurp their powers. The Economic Elite gained control of both the Democratic and Republican political parties because they knew that hardworking Americans loyally followed these parties, and we believed these parties were looking out for our best interests. We have, for the most part, been lifelong Republicans or lifelong Democrats, but until we see that our favored party has been seized by power and greed addicted interests, we will all continue to lose. These are extremely hard truths to face, but until we face them, we will continue our decline.

With half the US population loyal to Democrats and the other half loyal to Republicans, gaining control of both these parties meant total control for them. The past decade is testament to their total control of both parties.

In manufactured public opinion, Obama represented a far left swing in US politics, and Bush represented a far right swing, and these two supposed polar opposites also had a Congress overwhelmingly run by members of their own party. Did we get drastically different policies? In what matters most, in both cases, the results were the same: more money and power for the Economic Elite and the continued decline of the US middle class. This fact is now undeniable.

(notice the part where they say the ELITES, not the LIBERALS, have gained control over the mainstream media. The ELITES, which are the very fewest wealthiest people and families and corporations, are not "liberal". That is a fallacy. As long as you believe the ELITES' propaganda that the mainstream media they control is "liberal", you'll never advance to the truth of what's really going on, which is the super rich vs. the rest of the people in the United States. And all of this revolves around the propaganda machines they have in place. To make you believe things like the media they control is "liberal". 5 corporations OWN almost all of what is called the "mainstream media" or what they call the "liberal media". Keep on believing THAT media is "liberal" and you will get nowhere. Are corporations "liberal"? Well, they OWN the media. Even if people who work in the media are "liberal" in their personal lives, are they free to control the product output? That's like saying the workers on the factory floor of an auto plant control the design of the cars.)

Casey said...


Do you have an email address where people can contact you if they want to do guest submissions, or in general have questions about this ingenious site?

Gort said...

Forest, I may have to use the blower to keep a path open to the grill. See you tomorrow.


My email is

Anonymous said...

big dan. dont you have your own fucking blog? yeesh, fuckin long winded unreadable rants in the comment section.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to either drop off a case of beer at Big Dan's house, or take his beer away- Not sure of the situation.

Dana said...

Well, I thought we were getting lucky, because the snow wasn't sticking to the roads yesterday. It accumulated overnight, and the plows have been through -- revealing that under the snow, we have ice. :(

I blame Al Gort!