Monday, February 15, 2010

Candidate announcements

Senate 14

The Blogfather is reporting that Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton will announce that he is running for the state senate seat currently held by retiring Ray Musto tomorrow at 5:15 p.m. at Rodano’s on Public Square in W-B. State Rep John Yudichak has previously announced he is running for the seat. No Republican has thrown their hat into the ring yet.


With Yuddy trying for the senate spot the first Republican in the race to succeed him is
Rick Arnold, 47, of Rice Township, who will announce his candidacy for Pennsylvania’s 119th Legislative District at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 2260 Church Road, Rice Township. Other candidates looking at the race are Republican Dave Shipula and Democrats Bob Morgan and Gerald Mullery.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Tom Tom against Yuddy lets hope it gets dirty. And a Mayors race in Wilkes-Barre lets hope it gets even mory ugly. Yuddy is almost a GOP and Tom Tom is a 1950s style mayor and will have all the crazys in Wilkes-Barre working for his campaign. Or does he have most of them working for him already in city hall?

Exiled NEPA GUY said...

WTF Randona's is on the square now, That sucks they will lose all their King's Business to Gonda's, (but they dont have good pizza, well they did not in 2006 anyway)

I dont mind development but I hate unecessary Change

Anonymous said...

Anon 607 so what if all of the mayors friends and family work for the county or city hall and who cares if they will all work for the state if he wins. Its the arrogance of the office that keeps these politicians thinking they are kings and gets there families jobs as teachers, principals, probation officers, meter maids, and what ever else phony jobs they could get them. I wonder how much that towing company is going to give to the mayors campaign now.