Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This made me laugh

TL: Thom Greco was thinking about entering the race in the 14th Senatorial District... but his legal residence lies outside the district.

He has property in Wilkes-Barre but lives in Butler Twp. I have to be careful here because he has a bad habit of suing people everytime one of his bars/restaurants doesn't work out. Greco also got Luzerne County to take the railroad junkyard on Market Street off his hands a few years ago supposedly to open a visitors center. The last time I drove by Market Street Square it was still empty.

The serious candidates are former Pittston City Mayor Mike Lombardo, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton and State Rep. John Yudichak who are looking at seeking the Democratic nomination to succeed Ray Musto. So far the only Republican mentioned is Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban. We should have a better idea who is running after this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I see a few problems. How does Yudichak get past the Kanjo people and does it matter? He has been at war with them for years and they have had no effect on him. There is loyalty among the legislators so he has a huge possible political base.

Mike Lombardo will have to get past the fiscal mess he left in Pittston and you can be sure that the political ads Joe Keating used to win the mayors seat will surface big time. I understand there is a move among the county's veteran's group to really raise hell with the governor. He closed the veteran's outreach office in West Pittston (Thank you Goldy) but kept his political appointment Lombardo on the payroll. Does that make any sense? I agree with the vets. Lombardo did not need to be kept on at the expense of veteran's in need of help.

Tom Leighton doesn't get a wagon full of criticisms from the Wilkes Barre population so this will probably end up being a tug of war between Nanticoke and Wilkes Barre with Lombardo face down in the mud.

Joe V said...

Gee Wiz - who would be the only person / blogger who is intimate with Keating enough to know what ads ran? But he was just an innocent bystander and used a quote from God Father III, "As soon as I try to get out, they drag me back in."

Hmmmm... now who could that be?

Maybe SATAN!

I better be quiet though, he may cry foul, threaten to sue and get the post shut down again.
Joe V

Anonymous said...

Joe V, you are so far off the mark that the mark isn't even in sight. I read a while back that you are obsessed with a certain individual and I just shrugged it off. Now, after reading your most recent comment, I have to think your obsession has merit. I wrote that comment because I was so impressed with a candidate showing a photo of himself holding papers and saying, "here is the proff" and then actually put his private cell phone in the ad. That just isn't done and I certainly don't remember it ever being done. You just don't understand that political ads are read and political people keep them in mind for future use. You did that with the blank page ad and I remember the original because I thought it was absolutely brilliant. You need a life Joe. Find a hobby and get over it. The Consultant