Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Frank Pizzella pleads guilty of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States

With all the election horse race news lately I have been remiss in covering the latest in the ongoing Luzerne County corruption scandals.

TL: Wilkes-Barre Area School Board President Frank Pizzella Jr., charged with passing a bribe onto another school board member, has signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

I'm actually disappointed in Frankie kneecaps. He vowed to fight the charges and go to trial just last week and wanted the names of his accusers. I wanted a trial so we could start learning the names of the other people involved. Former reformer Christine Katsock must be heartbroken

In other corruption news:

SCRANTON The sentencing for former Wilkes-Barre Area School Board member James Height on charges he accepted a bribe has been continued until March 9.

Oliveri sentenced to 366 days in prison

And the big one

Former commissioner Skrepenak pleads guilty to bribery charge

Greg Skrepenak said he didn't know what he did was wrong at the time but realizes it now. Another reason to end the corporate welfare programs known as Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) and Tax increment financing (TIF). I think that Skrep and former Commissioner Todd Vonderheid are guilty of a worse transgression, doubling the County debt because they wouldn't raise taxes because of political reasons. Now taxes are being raised because of their mismanagement and the rampant corruption.

Property tax up 15 %

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Anonymous said...

The paper published a chart two weeks ago which showed the tax rate of every community in Luzerne County. Talk about an eye opener. Pittston replaced Nanticoke as the highest taxed community in the County and now leads the way at 6.8 mills. That's 3 times higher than Nanticoke who suffers from a distressed status. People in Hazleton are going nuts over Barletta's tax and again, Pittston is 3 times higher than Hazleton. The biggest surprise coming from all of this is that not a word is said by the taxpayers in Pittston. It must be the Butler Tunnel toxic fumes have the people near brain dead and willing to accept all of this mismanagement. I understand a wake up call is on its way from a new organization now being formed. Watch for Citizens for Good Government.