Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mother's milk PA 10th CD

The Democrat

Congressman Chris Carney took in $153,000 during the 4th quarter of 2009,
$121,000 from PACs and only $25,000 from individuals and has $483,746 cash on hand.

Carney campaign spokesman Josh Drobnyk told the TL:

“Congressman Carney is grateful for the support he receives from Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike and is working hard to protect our families and improve our region’s economy during these tough times.”

The Republicans

The 4 GOP candidates got a late start and didn't report raising any money in the 4th quarter of 2009. That's zilch, nada, zero, goose egg. By this time last cycle Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett had campaign organizations in place with healthy bank balances. So far only Malcolm Derk even has a website up. I asked 3 of the 4 Republican candidates for comment on Carney's fundraising, I don't have contact info for Marino yet. Ted Yale didn't respond which is not surprising since I spent a week playing email/telephone tag with him without success.

I did get a response from Malcolm Derk:

"Chris Carney's numbers are much lower than the other vulnerable PA Democrats. I'm sure he'll be quick to call on his friends next quarter, including Jack Murtha, Charles Rangel, and the former members of the PMA lobbying firm. One troubling aspect of his most recent report is the fact that only 16% came from individual donors, while 84% of his contributions came from inside the beltway lobbyists, PACS, and other sources. His votes, like his contributions, are clearly aligned with the Washington, DC establishment. Chris Carney should be more concerned about protecting the citizens of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania than the special interests in Washington, DC."

And Dave Madeira:

I'm not surprised that Congressman Carney has a big pile of special interest money. Washington politicians trade money for favors all the time. The recent races in NJ, VA and MA show that the people's voices will be heard no matter how much money lobbyists lavish on their wards. I'm looking forward to providing a positive alternative to government bailouts for Wall Street and big business.


PA10 Conservative said...

Derk is 100% right. It will be great to see the corrupt-business-as-usual Marino be beaten by a 27 year old. Madeira is a good guy too but I am not sure he would be able to beat Carney. It would be great to see Derk and Madeira work together to defeat Carney in November!

Has anyone figured out who Yale is yet?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to remove Carney from office. He is the closest thing we have had to a moderate in my life time. i"ve had enough of the left and the right, I'm thrilled that there is a middle of the road and Carney has found it. I may send him the first contribution I've ever made but to keep a solid citizen in Washington. If washington would taek care of the middle of the road, the vast majority of Americans would smile with relief.