Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tax bill flap

Luzerne County started sending out tax bills this week that didn't include the Homestead exclusion so they had to stop the mailing and print new bills.

County officials: Homestead tax break remains in effect

In a first for this blog Commissioner Chair Maryanne Petrilla sent me a press release about this issue and listing her accomplishments.

Statement by Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla
February 24, 2010

I want the taxpayers of the county to know I hear their frustration and anger at the recent mix-up concerning the Homestead Tax Exemption. There was a mistake made here. We’re all human. I told the people attending the commissioners’ meeting last week who protested that we would correct this. And we have.

I can’t dial back the play clock on this one item. We will make sure things like this don’t occur again.

I also hope that all I have tried to do to improve county government at this crucial time in our history will not be judged by this one incident. I’ve finally put an end to the wasteful practice of seemingly endless county borrowing. We had to raise taxes, but we made many cuts in this year’s spending to try to minimize the pain. We now have a fairer tax system with everyone paying their fair share instead of some receiving a better deal over others. This preferential treatment went on for decades beyond when other counties reassessed. Additionally:

• I singlehandedly worked with the principals of PA Child Care to end their lease that cost $58 million.
• Discovered the practice of contract piecemealing, stopped and exposed it, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
• Completely put an end to nepotism and cronyism by hiring professional and experienced directors to fill jobs.
• Developed a cooperative working relationship with the courts to streamline their budget and save taxpayer’s two million dollars a year.

There has been much to cleanup since I became chairwoman of the commissioners. I’ve worked hard to begin the cleanup. I hope people won’t rush to judgment on my overall record before some time passes and it can be judged in it’s entirety.

These have been tough times in Luzerne County for a variety of reasons. We’re doing our best in these trying days. I hope people will look at the big picture. Thank you to the taxpayers for any patience they can afford us. We will continue to try and do better.


Stephen Albert said...
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Stephen Albert said...

Did she cure AIDS as well yet?

Seriously, the statement sounds as if she wants credit for driving Luzerne County to mediocrity from its perch on the abyss. This is like your child demanding praise for that "C-" they got in Math by saying "Hey, before it was an F".

Anonymous said...

no politician should ever expect an addaboy, aint' gonna happen. I read the commnts on the CV article. After reading them, I'm happy that the majority of the voters stay home, we are all better off for their laziness.