Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pennsylvania 14th Senatorial District

Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton tossed his hat into the ring to succeed Ray Musto in the state senate yesterday before a big crowd at Rodano's on Public Square. He pointed to the remake of Wilkes-Barre's downtown and said he wants use his experience to help other distressed cities in the district. You can read his entire announcement speech on his website.

On Monday119th State Rep John Yudichak kicked off his his campaign to be a state senator at the construction site of the new LCCC food school in Nanticoke.

“The construction you see happening here on Main Street in Nanticoke, a $30 million investment that will bring hundreds of new jobs to Luzerne County, represents just how hard I am willing to fight to create jobs and economic opportunity for all of northeastern Pennsylvania,” Yudichak said. “I have listened to the workers on this site and they want Harrisburg to get to work for them; they want good jobs, betters schools for their kids and safer communities for their families. I believe, with the support of working families from Luzerne, Carbon and Monroe Counties, I can be a leader who gets things done in the Pennsylvania State Senate.”

That’s not a lot to ask for,” Yudichak said. “People need a safe place to live and work and they want health care security.

Yuddy has all the muli-media bases covered.

Website: Yudichak for State Senate

Facebook: Yudichak for Senate

Twitter will probably follow shortly.

YouTube: YudichakForSenate's Channel

SPPE covered Leighton's announcement and Lu Lac handicaps the race.

The only Republican in the mix so far is Republican Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban who is circulating petitions for state senator and Lt. Governor.


Anonymous said...

Lets just hope all the dirt comes out about Mayor Tom and all the people he did in. The only one who benefited from him being mayor were his friends in business.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a real Mayor Tom fan. I see Tom as a good mayor who has taken the bull by the horns and turned it around. I have no doubt I will be supporting Mayor Tom and all I see from Yudichak is a young man willing to risk his career and seniority in the House just for the sake of ego. He is willing to throw away 12 years of seniority and just when he is handed the big stick of Harrisburg politics, his ego gets in the way. I like Yadichak as an individual but I see this as a slap in the face of all who supported him these past 12 years and looked now to reap the benefits of all that seniority. Shame on Yadichak.

Anonymous said...

The usual democrat scum again? Hope Urban gets in this race.