Saturday, December 26, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

So frankly if the far left and the far right are attacking you- you are probably in the right spot actually. - Congressman Chris Carney

A few days ago this story in the Politico set off speculation that PA-10th Congressman Chris Carney was considering switching to the GOP. The reports are that John McCain called him but Fox News said it was a voice mail message rather than an actual conversation. TPM thinks this is just a stunt by the Republicans trying to spook the House Democrats after the defection of Parker Griffith in Alabama which may not turn out so good for him.

Carney let it brew for a bit then shot it down.

"I am flattered by the overtures of Sen[ator] McCain and other Republican Party officials and consider their outreach a sure sign that I have worked in a truly bipartisan manner," said Carney in a statement. "I appreciate the Republican Party's outreach, but I have no plans to change parties."

Carney also told the DCCC and Speaker Pelosi he was not bolting the party.

He has taken a lot of guff from the liberal blogosphere for his positions. DWT and FDL are very critical of some of his votes that I'm also disappointed in some of his votes such as the Stupak Amendent and FISA Bill. He did vote for the stimulus and Health Care Reform which no Republican would vote for. I think we can all agree with his vote against the TARP.

I think that Carney is playing the GOP more than they are playing the Dems. He has always played up his bi-partisanship and saying that even John McCain says I'm doing a good job can't hurt.

He longs for the good old days which is probably not possible in today's toxic atmosphere.

From 2008: "There was a time you could be a Republican or a Democrat and disagree on principle on things and actually have honest intellectual disagreements on how you should proceed on policy. But at the end of the day you were friends and you understood that you were working for the good of the country. Now it’s blood sport, now it’s not about policy but sticking a shiv into somebody’s ribs and we have to get away from that. "

The Pennsylvania Republican Party denies having anything to do with this and the only declared Republican candidate for the seat told PoliticsPA "It’s really a slap in the face to all rank-and-file Republicans working to take back the seat.”

This insired the first press release from the Derk Campaign:

FREEBURG, PA- Liberal Chris Carney will not fool the voters of the 10th Congressional District into thinking that he can now become a Republican.

According to a story in Politico, Carney spoke with Senator John McCain about switching party registrations from Democrat to Republican.

“Pennsylvania does not need another Arlen Specter, a politician who will use any means just to stay in power. Voters in the 10th Congressional district will not be fooled by Chris Carney’s liberal voting record” Malcolm Derk said.

While claiming to be a fiscal conservative, Chris Carney voted for the $800 billion stimulus package, the $1 trillion dollar healthcare overhaul bill, and most recently voted to allow $154 billion in TARP bailout funds to be used to support Nancy Pelosi’s new stimulus bill. The Republican Conference almost unanimously opposed these bills.
Under Carney’s watch, the national debt climbed to over $12 trillion dollars, which amounts to $158,000 for a family of four in Pennsylvania. This increased by over $44,000 in the three years Carney held office.

Chris Carney has voted with the Democratic Majority 90.8% of the time during the 111th Congress, according to the Washington Post’s Congressional Votes Database.

“Chris Carney cares more about following the lead of Nancy Pelosi than the interests of this district. His votes are not the votes of a fiscally responsible person. Chris Carney and the rest of congress continue to spend away with no end in sight.”

“It is clear that Chris Carney has seen internal polling and is scared of facing me in the general election,” Derk said.


Stephen Albert said...

I blame talk radio...of both political extremes...for at least part of the toxic atmosphere. These are people who make money being controversial and extreme, not being factually correct. The sad part is that a good part of their listeners can't separate "fact" from "act".

The only ray I light I see is that newer media is slowly replacing things like TV & radio as a source of information for younger people...and things like blogs are easy enough to access such that you can readily find opinions on both sides of an issue. Hell, even Drudge links to "liberal" media sources, so if you don't necessarily buy his spin on an issue (and he does have a spin...) Maureen Dowd is only a click away.

Anonymous said...

yeah because blogs don't try to be controversial.

Stephen Albert said...

"yeah because blogs don't try to be controversial."

Some do, but...

...I'm not aware of too many bloggers with 15 million readers
...I'm not aware of anyone being paid hundreds of millions to blog
...Try surfing the airwaves anywhere in the mid-west without hitting a talk radio program; trust me, it's impossible

There are also some statistics out there that show just how "sticky" radio programs other words, while you or I may spend a couple of minutes reading a blog, the average radio listener is spending far more time glued to the speaker.

Tom Borthwick said...

Nice post Gort. Fascinating how fractured the Republican Party is.

Democrats never had Regan's 11th Commandment, so we've always been fractured. I wonder how Rs will deal with it.

Anonymous said...

well steve maybe if they were as entertaining as talk radio, they would.... the simple truth is facts don't matter in radio/tv/print it is all about money. and since i get a kick of all of it i am glad. couldn't imagine a world of pbs/npr boredom in the world

Mean Old Man said...

God Bless young Mr. Derk. He has the humor, guts and determination (along with a conscience) that is required of a real Congressman. He will make a fine addition to the House as a Rep of the 10th district. My only regrets are that young Mr. Meuser is not in the ring but an even greater regret is that Mr. SHerwood does not run--what a sweet victory that would be for him to retake the seat that was ultimately stolen from him.

Anonymous said...

Mean Old Man:

Are you drunk? Sherwood's seat was stolen from him? I don't know what is more idiotic--that statement or the compliments toward that moron Derk.

The NRCC drops the ball year after year in the 10th, and 2010 will be no exception.

Carney will cruise past the no name from a county no one cares about.

Wake me up if someone like Peters, Meuser, or even Marino gets in.

Stephen Albert said...

To Anonymous 7:28am...

I couldn't agree more with your overall point. As for entertainment, PBS/NPR/etc., I also agree...which is why I listen to far more Howard Stern than Morning Edition.

What I find frightening though is that while you obviously see it for what it really is...entertainment...that isn't the case across the board. There are people listening to stuff right now that hold what Rush says as Gospel (and to be fair, feel free to replace Rush with Keith Olbermann if you'd like).

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Although Mr. Carney will be running as a two term incumbent in the year 2010, the excesses of the Obama administration will be his undoing; much as the excesses of the Carter Administration were the undoing of many Democratic incumbents in 1980. The idea that seniors on Medicare are about to face deep cuts in their services due to the upcoming health care legislation (courtesy of Mr. Obama and the Democrats) is nothing less than a precursor to a political blood bath that will make 1994 look like a church social. It has been my opinion for several years that Mr. Obama is akin to the minor league ballplayer brought up to the majors; he has the uniform and the title, but when he steps on the mound he is strictly bush league. And make no mistake, students, this bush leaguer is about to take his whole team out of the running. Class dismissed!!!!

McGruff said...


And we don't hear from the rest of the liberal media the rest of the day??? Please..Matt Lauer almost trips over his tongue every time he talks about Obama.

Only 26% of the stimulus money has been spent. Uhh exactly when do they think the econonmy needs its help? I will make perfect sense to use it next year during the election campaign to buy votes like the did in the Senate on healthcare.

Unless people like Carney get damn mad that relief has not reached the blue collar workers rather than Wall Street he and his cohorts will be in deep doodoo.

Just last week the Treasury removed the limit of $200 billion apiece for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so the administration could cover an unlimited amount of losses. Not only that but with 10% unemployment their execs received $6 million bonuses approved by the Treasury and Federal Housing Finance Agency. They approved those bonuses not only failing to find a way to get back taxpayer money but rewarding the ineptitude with an unlimited amount of our money.

Remember Kanjorski was #5 on the list of receiving the most money in contributions from those entities.

But, of course, those actions are George Bush's fault.

McGruff said...

Stephen missed the Olbermann comment but I still feel there is far more liberal agenda out there than conservative.

McGruff said...

One more my knowledge I have never read a Heritage Foundation publication.

Barry O'Connell said...

Chris Carney doesn't have a girlfriend much less one that he beats up. Carney does not hire illegal immigrants or sell exploding wheelchairs.

Chris Carney has a record of faithful service. He is a family man, a serving Navy officer, a respected member of the intelligence community, a Christian, a gun owner and sportsman, and a man who votes his district. I am proud to support Congressman Carney for reelection.I am thankful that God has given us such a fine man to serve us.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Lycoming County

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry,
Wasn't it Carney's intel that got us involved in Iraq. I am pretty sure I remember him telling Nancy and Kevin that.

Anonymous said...

Don't make Carney into St. Chris. That is usually the beginning of the end in politics. It gets people to start digging.

Anonymous said...

I laughed ounce i heard about the outreach to Carney I figure there would be atleast 20 House dems more likely to switch. I guess the GOP figured if they could get him they could get a few others.

Also maybe McCain was rougue thinking Navy guy to Navy guy.

but then i saw the neo con connection(McCain is not a NeoCon persay but is supported by them, in 2000 theys supported him over Bush, However I think McCain is just hawkish and does not care for empire or spreading democracy like Kristol) Also Carney is a NeoCon and worked in the DIA with Doug Fife. Slowly yet Surely Ron Paul and Walter Jones are leading the GOP back to a more humble forcing policy. The Neocons fear this. So they figure they ask McCain to try to convince one of their own into the party they are losing.

I Hope Derk goes after Carney for his bad intell leading into Iraq

Barry O'Connell said...

Carney was not DIA he was Navy attached to ONI loaned to the OSP at the pentagon. He actually tried to do his job and did not try to get us into war. Someone most likely Doug Feith removed a 3 out of 10 assessment on an intelligence summary and stove piped it to VP Chaney as 10 out of 10. In lay terms that means Carney said "Not very likely" and some one changed it to "Absolutely true". Don't blame this on Carney, he is no traitor.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Montoursville Pa.