Monday, February 08, 2010

Campaign Kickoffs

TL: State Rep. John Yudichak Monday announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination for state Senate in the 14th district.

Yudichak, 39, made the announcement at the construction site of the Luzerne County Community College's Culinary Arts Institute in center city Nanticoke

Rick Arnold, a Republican from Mountain Top, will announce that he will run for Yudichak’s House seat.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta starts his tour of the 11th CD at the Wilkes -Barre Twp Fire Hall tonight at 6:30PM.

Attorney Tarah Toohil has switched parties and will run for GOP nomination to take on 116th state rep Todd Eachus. Join her tomorrow at the The Elks Lodge 635 E. Broad Street Hazleton, PA at 6PM.

Dallas, PA, - An 8 a.m. breakfast stop at Cordaro’s, a family restaurant in Honesdale is the perfect start for a multi-county tour for Congressional Candidate David Madeira. The retired chiropractor is running as a conservative Republican, and will be joined by his wife and 6 children as they make their way through several of the counties that make up the 10th Congressional District on Tuesday, February 9th, meeting supporters along the way.

After his 8 am start in Wayne County, he will make his way to Luzerne County to spend some time with voters at the Pierce Street Deli at noon. “I look forward to continuing the conversation I have been having with people in the district who want their government to work for them, not against them. Last summer I was asked to speak at a rally just over the river from the deli on the Square by voters who were concerned about some of the votes Chris Carney has taken.”

The last stop on his day-long tour is Zelda’s CafĂ© in Lewisburg at 7 p.m. “I get energized talking with people who care about what’s happening to our country and want to get back to ‘We The People’ “ Madeira said, “and that’s what my candidacy is all about.”


sexyfemalemuscle said...

gotta feel for Maderia, Honesdale to Kingston that is a lot of miles on the car, but at least he will beat the snow

sexyfemalemuscle said...
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Anonymous said...

at least barletta is being a good republican. run up debt, don't pay it, accumulate some more. how can he be serious about running?

Anonymous said...

Concerning Toohil, her campaign will be as pitiful as Barletta was on SSPTV trying to explain how the WORLD will collapse if people don't buy into him selling the water authority.
you had to see, and i am sorry i don't have a copy of it, but the photo when Barletta was announcing his THIRD attempt to run for Congress. he had his family with him and ALL of them look so sorry for him and the campaign didn't even start!!!!!!!!

Louie, you cant raise money, you owe a ton to yourself and you wont win. give it up and go enjoy your vacation home, really we can do fine without you...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the mayor is in for a name change ... Senator!

Freddy D said...

No way is Leighton going to win over Yudichak. Especially if he is getting advice from Kanjo! There is talk among some insiders that Kanjo is giving tips to Leighton. If I were Leighton I would stay home.