Friday, February 12, 2010

Libertarian candidates

I'm glad to see there are couple of Libertarian Party candidates running for seats in the state legislature. The Libertarians and the Greens put a lot of energy in putting up candidates for President, Governor or US Senator with no hope of winning those races but rarely field candidates for school board, city council or county commissioner, etc. I always ask my friends in those parties 'how to you expect to win a statewide race if you don't build a bench'?

Betsy Summers has announced that she is in the the race to succeed Ray Musto in the 14th state senate district. She has previously run for US Senator and Auditor General and coming back to earth was a member of the previous Luzerne County Government Study Commission. She has a website


State Rep John Yudichak is the first Democrat in the race to take Musto's place and Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton will announce his intentions shortly. Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban is mulling over this race or a long shot campaign for Lt. Governor.

Another Libertarian, Tim Mullen, will be taking on long time state rep Phyllis Mundy in the 120th District. He is a registered nurse and an Army Reserve vet.

From his website:

In the past two years I have become active with the Campaign for Liberty and the Tea Party movement, speaking at the latter's events and writing letters to the editors that have appeared in both local newspapers on both groups' behalf. The economic events of the past year and the steepening slide toward the abyss of socialism as evidenced by nationalization of the banking, insurance, and auto industries, and the push for socialized medicine has pushed me to act.

The Republican Mayor of West Pittston, Bill Goldsworthy, is also expected to get into the race.


Billy Allred said...

Let's see how non-partisan the tea party folks are. Will they get behind liberty minded candidates who have a smaller chance of winning? Will principle prevail over politics? Waiting to see . . .

Danny Bauder said...

Here's a libertarian candidate for you:

Anonymous said...

Is Goldworthy running as a Democraat or Republican? Is phony a Party? How about Opportunistic? Can't wait to see how he files.

Anonymous said...

yeah lets all back those who don't have a chance of winning. let's invest time, money and effort only to get our asses kicked. politics is about compromise and picking the better of two evils. sad isn't it?

Big Dan said...

Agreed about the Greens and Libertarians. I'd hate both the Republicans and the Democrats. I hate the Democrats for different reasons than people from the right hate them. The Democrats "pretend" to be what the Greens really are, and they're basically just like the Republicans. The Libertarians are what the Republicans "pretend" to be.

Big Dan said...

The exact reason Greens (REAL liberals) and Libertarians (REAL conservatives) don't get in there, is the mentality that you're "wasting a vote". Who says you're wasting a vote? The Democrats and Republican, so you vote for them! It's the same thing every election.

People voted for the Democrats for health care and to stop the wars. They didn't.

People voted for Republicans, they controlled everything from 2000 to 2006. Did they do anything "conservative"? Bush ran up record federal spending, started wars going on 9 years costing 2.5 BILLION a week, and they didn't stop abortion although they controlled every single thing from 2000 to 2006 including 7 of 9 Supreme Court justices.

It's all lies. They're all just making money and not representing their voters.

Billy Allred said...

Right On, Big Dan!