Saturday, February 25, 2006

Buy Rick a coffeemaker

How Santorum paid for his Va. house...and his Starbucks coffee

Santorum and his wife received a $500,000, five-year mortgage for their Leesburg, Va., home from a small Philadelphia private bank run by a major campaign donor's even though its stated policy is to make loans only to its "affluent" investors, which the senator is not.

A political action committee chaired by Santorum, America's Foundation, spends less money on direct aid to GOP candidates, its stated purpose and more on expenditures than similar PACs. And its expenditure reports are littered with scores of unorthodox expenses for a political committee, with charges at coffee and ice cream shops and fast-food joints as well as supermarkets and a home-hardware store.

For example, America's Foundation made some 66 charges at Starbucks Coffee, almost all in the senator's hometown of Leesburg, and 94 charges at another D.C.-area vendor, HMS Host.

Young Philly Politics has a solution to the dilemma:

So, in order to help Rick, we at YPP have two choices: Buy Rick a starbucks card, to make sure he can have a couple of ethics-worry-free lattes, or we can go ahead and buy him a coffee maker. And, maybe, if we really want to help Rick out, we can throw in a travel mug, as well. I even volunteer to show Rick how to use the coffee maker correctly!
Do you accept the challenge? Will you contribute to a coffee maker for our caffeine deprived junior Senator?


Doctor Rick said...

Coffee purchasing illegal?

They may drink coffee....but your obviously suckin down the kool aid!

Anonymous said...

I'm madder than Hugo Selenski at a Dave Lupas fundraiser over the way our saintly Senator Rick is being treated by the Commie liberal media!! In my day when a politician took a payoff we did the honorable thing--we looked the other way! And what is it with this starbucks coffee deal??? I remember when I was a young man we didn't have fancy coffee makers--you put the pot on the stove and prayed to god above that there would be enough coal to get you cup of joe brewed! All the while shiverin because the house was forty degrees--and you know what you commie pigs--WE LOVED IT!! We didn't have fancy faggy coffees with all those sissy flavors either--you got one kind--MUD! ANd it grew hair on your chest and that was a good thing because you needed it to keep you warm because you didn't have a prissy leather coat to wear on your way to the breaker!! GOd I hate all you panzy liberals!! Maybe I should have my wife Thelma Jean serve you a cup of her coffee--but then again, you bolsheviks probably dont have the guzungas to handle it! Hell, maybe I'll have her serve some to that schmuck Bob Casey--that wimp would be in bed for days! GOd Bless My America and GO to Hell you faggy sissy dirty commie liberals!!!!!! Santorum all the way!!!