Monday, February 06, 2006

Who's buying your Congressman?

It has been pointed out that that our 10th District Congressman Don Sherwood has had a problem raising money from people but not from PACs. Let's take a look at who is giving to him.

The latest FEC filings tell us what special interest he is in bed with.

In this latest round he got got $4000 from EXELON CORPORATION PAC. On top of at least $18,000 he recieved from Exxon-Mobile who just reported record profits of over $40 billion while you and me pay the most for gasoline we have ever had to in our lives.

Big Pharma and Insurance companies gave him almost $10, 000 in this cycle alone. Is it any wonder that the new Medicare Drug Plan is off to such a rocky start. I'm willing to bet that he didn't even read the bill before he voted on it.

He recieved $2500 from a company in North Dakota called Agri-MArk. I don't know of any connecton locally to this outfit.

The American Bankers Association gave him at least $2000. A payoff for his vote on the bankruptcy bill.

Then I look at the list of companies that are fattening up his war chest but don't do business in our area.

BAE Systems of North America
Burlinton Northern
Eli Lilly
Northrup Grummen
General Dynamics
Genesis Healthcare
General Motors
General Electric
Lockheed Martin

To be fair he took money from some local businesses and labor unions. Commonwelth Telephone gave him a nice chunk of cash which I will bring up at the next stockholders meeting. They hate me anyway, I love being a pain in the ass.


J. said...

Wow. That's a whole lot of big business.

Anonymous said...

Hey, take a look at he corporate PACS that give to Santorum and Casey -- over 230 give to BOTH of them! Santorum v. Casey is Tweedle Dee v Tweedle Dum (and it's a toss up on who is Dee and who is Dum)