Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spending more money they don't have

WILKES-BARRE Luzerne County commissioners are expected to authorize approximately $400,000 in funding to four agencies to advance upcoming projects.

The Catholic Youth Center in Wilkes-Barre needs $200,000 for a new gymnasium, the Tri Area Recreation Authority wants $100,000 for two recreational parks in the Hazleton area and the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts has requested $20,000 for the Governor’s Award for the Arts festivities planned for this summer. Representatives from all three agencies made their pitch to Commissioners Greg Skrepenak, Stephen Urban and Todd Vonderheid at Friday’s work session. American Legion Mountain Top Post 781 also is seeking $75,000 for a baseball field.

They are borrowing a few more million just to cover payroll this year and claim they have cut as much as they can. I'm sure all of these projects are worthwhile but they claim they don't have the money to operate the county without floating yet another bond. Are you telling me these organizations can't hold fundraisers to finance these improvements? A case in point, I'm a member of the Kirby Center and respond to all of the extra appeals. The latest one is they want to put my name on a seat for a price.

Suck it up boys and learn to say NO until you get the county on a better financial footing.


Doctor Rick said...

Shrek - -I mean, Skrep looks like a giant!

Gort said...

Shrek... I like that. Have you ever met Greg? He is a giant. I may blast him and the other commissioners politically but he is personally a very engaging and open guy.