Friday, February 10, 2006

Journalists Roundtable on PCN

The best show on TV if you want to keep up on state government is Journalists Roundtable on PCN. As the title suggests it's weekly discussion of the issues facing Pennsylvania's politicians with the reporters who cover Harrisburg. There is a blog devoted to watching and providing a summary of what is on PCN with the creative title of PCN Blog. The contributors to the PCN Blog are some PA's top bloggers and are worth a read every day.

above average jane
Froth Slosh B'Gosh
Mark Rauterkus
Fester's Place
America's Hometown
One-Man Think Tank


Doctor Rick said...

Dont forget me!?

WebGuy said...

Those who belong are... volunteers. Lilik is welcome to join us!

Gort said...

Bill and Rick,

I just listed the bloggers who are contributing to the project. If you want to get involved start watching PCN and adding your 2 cents. I'm sure PSoTD and the others would welcome the input.

Thanks for stopping by PSoTD, you have a great site. I love the QoTD.