Saturday, February 11, 2006

Free Ride?

Nomination petitions will start to be circulated for various offices up this year on February 15 and must be filed by March 7. Unless there is a surprise 3 of our Luzerne County lawmaker will face no opposition. Even after the uproar over the pay raise and efforts of groups like
PACleanSweep no one is willing to challenge our veteran legislators Ray Musto (Sen-14th), Todd Eachus (Rep-116th) and John Yudichak (Rep-119th). I'm not passing judgment on the performance of these gentlemen in office but every candidate should be opposed. I'm going to wait and see who gets enough signatures to get on the ballot for the various open seats before I start weighing in on their chances. But it is sad that only one incumbent, Phyllis Mundy, has attracted any opponents. On a related note Mark has a great rundown of the candidates in the mix to succeed Kevin Blaum in the 121st District at Wilkes-Barre Online.


Anonymous said...

Well Musto is out the door well should be, and everyone is Hazleton is afraid if they challnge todd Eachus they will lose their job
My Man Yuddy desrves not to have a challenger after voting no on Pay raise

LVDem said...

All races should be challenged, regardless of pay raise vote. Competition yields a better product.

Gort said...


I couldn't agree more. An election is when we decide on the future direction of our government. As you I know the deck is stacked against challengers. I think the most important reform that can be enacted is to take away re-districting away from the legislature.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the only people who can take away redisiticting from the legislature is the legislature, And even if my man Yuddy is challnged he will just steam roll him anyway, its not liek Kanjo or Sherwood who are unpopular but has a party edge Yuddy has the edge and the popularity