Sunday, February 26, 2006

Somebody get me some pants

WILKES-BARRE – The sluggish process of picking a jury for Hugo Selenski's trial got even more bogged down Thursday morning because Selenski did not have any pants to wear. An apparent clothing mix-up led to Selenski having only inmate pants to don when he left prison for court Thursday morning. But the jury can't see him in any prison garb. So Thursday's start of court was delayed until his attorney could run to his car and grab another pair of Selenski's slacks.

Hugo's wardrobe malfunction was the highlight of the week. Nine jurors have been chosen and hopefully the rest will be picked before the end of next week. The thing that strikes me in the press coverage is how much detail they are publishing about these people. They haven't published their names but list occupations, marital status and how many kids they have. I don't remember any case where this many details about the jury are known before the trial.


The PA_Lady said...

Gort: Great blog!

My area just went through the Dustin Briggs trial, but almost nothing was published about the jurors. The amount of detail released about the Selenski jurors does seem odd - though I suppose in Luzerne County (with its larger jury pool) it would be difficult, if not impossible, to identify them.

Gort said...

Lady, Thanks for visiting. This trial won't turn into the OJ or MJ circus but if someone wants to tamper with the jury the papers are giving them a great start.