Thursday, February 16, 2006

Local candidates websites

I'm not going to list the sites of the statewide candidates but will give a glimpse of our Luzerne County hopefuls. I'm going to wait until after the March 7 deadline to list all the candidates but in the mean time here are one's who have established a web presence.

20th Senatorial District

Daivid Madeira

Jim Haggerty

Lisa Baker

117th House District

James May

Stanford Davis

Karen Boback

118th House District

Jim Spinola

120th House District

Joe Chacke

Paul Stebbins


Anonymous said...

Lisa Baker will have a site soon It has a coming soon deal

Gort said...

Thanks, I added it.

Anonymous said...

Baker's site, like her candidacy, is a joke. She lists Harvard and Duke on her resume -- she attended a two-week $10,000 class, paid for by your tax dollars. Guess we need to puff up that lackluster record. Her and her husband have been feeding off tax dollars their entire's time for a change...anyone but Baker.

Madeira, Bigus, Haggerty, or Sutton are all better options.