Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hugo Selenski

The biggest murder trial in the history of Luzerne County since the last one is set to start next week. I usually stay away from blogging about crime and punishment but this story is facinating.

The Hugo story will probably be a movie of the week (hopefully not on Lifetime). He is accused of killing 3 or more people and mutilating the corpses then burying them behind his house. There were a few more bodies discovered out there that are unaccounted for. He was arrested and sent to the Luzerne County Prison and then escaped using bed sheets. Bed sheets! What a cliche but it worked.

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Doctor Rick said...

I think he should be exonerated for executing the duties of natural selection. He only killed other scumbags.

D.B. Echo said...

Strolling through the Altered Perception archives, particularly the enormous and inordinate numbers of comments, it's pretty clear that Hugo Selinski is the closest thing NEPA has to Michael Jackson. I even know a few women who have looked into his baby-blues as he's been televised going into and out of hearings and have said, "Wow, he's SOOO cute!" Ted Bundy was quite the charmer, too, as I recall.

Doctor Rick, I velieve that's the attitude of the current Wilkes-Barre administration, that we've got scumbags killing scumbags on the streets - "Street Chess", one of them called it - so as long as they stick to killing each other, what's the problem? (Aside from the occasional bit of little old lady collateral damage - but, hey, nothing's perfect, right?)

Doctor Rick said...

I would have entitled this post: Shoots & Ladders

Anonymous said...

I think the most awesome thing about the whole case, was how my lil cuz and his Mr. Fannick, made the DA's office look like the incompetant ass's that they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy is one jammy bastard, or are his judge,dury,& executioner thick as shit?

Anonymous said...

for some reason i don't think Hugo is guilty,but he knows something about it and he's covering for someone. also i would like to know what was the reason why he had to escape for 3 days and then turn himself in. he's hiding something or he met the person that did it and that person paid him off to let authorties think he did it.