Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Hugo

The biggest murder trial in Luzerne County in a long time will not be prosecuted by the District Attorney because he does not get along with the presiding Judge. He has appointed a 5 member prosecution team to handle the case:

Lupas has assigned Assistant District Attorneys Jim McMonagle, Sam Sanguedolce and Chris O’Donnell to prosecute the case. Joining them at the prosecution table will be chief investigator, Lt. Detective Gary Capitano, of the district attorney's office, and state Trooper Gerard Sachney.

There are many questions about who the bones discovered in his back yard actually belong to:

Forensic experts faced an extraordinary task in trying to piece together the thousands of chipped bone fragments found in Hugo Selenski’s back yard. Are they from two people? Three people? More? According to prosecutors who spoke in court about the case, experts have said the bones could be from as few as three people and as many as 10. But, can't they be more specific? Can’t DNA prove identity?

This guy has a bone collection in his back yard and they can't tie him to it all?

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Anonymous said...

There are so many holes in this case that Selinski will most likely walk. Reasonable doubt is all that Demetrius has to prove--and he's a damned good lawyer. Dave Lupas will have to say goodbye to any hopes of wearing a black robe in the county courthouse.