Tuesday, February 14, 2006


"Money talks" and "principle walks" in the New Monarchy, Republicans and Democrats alike, which rules our state.-Jim Panyard

NEWS RELEASE: Mr. Swann’s nomination, sadly, proves the state Republican Party is not interested in principle, but in power and celebrity. It is not interested in public policy and answers to the state’s multitude of problems, financial, social, educational or otherwise. It is interested in winning, principle be damned. When a man of Bill Scranton’s stature and resources believes a primary fight for the nomination is foolhardy, it doesn't take a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing. The Rendell-Swann celebrity "horse race" will be a media fest but, regardless of the outcome, the people of Pennsylvania will lose again.

Swann now lone GOP gubernatorial candidate: Former football star Lynn Swann's march to the November election just got a little bit easier. Long-shot candidate Jim Panyard of Lebanon County dropped out of the race this afternoon, saying he couldn't attract enough press or financial support to his struggling campaign to make it worth waging.

Panyard's exit means this year's election just turned into a high powered, celebrity face-off between Swann and Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell.

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