Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some PA links

Bill Bostic has become one of my favorite reads and now he is doing podcasts. His latest is an interview with former GOP Governor candidate Jim Panyard. Neither one of these gentlemen are afraid to speak their minds and are very entertaining together. Maybe they should have a show on PCN. You can catch the fun at One-Man Think Tank.

PennPatriot Online is a conservative blog that welcomes debate, has well reasoned arguments and doesn't resort to name calling.

As Randy put it: I always try and keep in mind the voter when posting or commenting on issues. I personally feel that blogging should be about public debate. So I encourage others to disagree with my comments. Debate is essential for fostering healthy political discourse in Pennsylvania. I also believe that the blogging world in PA is perhaps the best in the country. A good blogger should always respect other individuals or bloggers that disagree with them.

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