Friday, September 22, 2006

10th CD race in The New Republic

"Do you think there was a settlement?" - Don Sherwood responding to a question about about settling a $5 million lawsuit brought by Cynthia Ore

Meshoppen Postcard

by Eve Fairbanks

It's Labor Day at the Wyoming County Fair in Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, and the campaign season is underway. At the Wyoming County Democrats booth, Chris Carney, an earnest young Naval Reserve commander-turned-professor who is running for Congress, entertains a steady stream of voters. Carney, the challenger, is stumping hard--there's speculation that if he can win in the strongly conservative Tenth District, Democrats can take back the House--and, soon, his booth runs out of yard signs. One might expect a similar scene at the GOP booth a few yards away. But no one, save for a few county party officials, is there--not even the district's incumbent Republican representative, Don Sherwood.

The article recounts the whole sordid affair of Sherwood's backrub that went awry. Here are some choice quotes from the article:

Though he had a wife and kids back home, Sherwood enjoyed the Washington scene. "In most cities, the nightlife's on the weekends, but, in Washington, it's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!" he tells me.

Hmm. Nightlife?

"Oh, that?" says Marlene Fuhr, a lively blonde dressed in pink from head to toe, when I ask her about the alleged strangling. "He misbehaved in Washington, but they all do!"

Just ask Wayne Hayes-for those as as old as me- about strippers and swimming in the tidal basin.

Sherwood is surprisingly sanguine about his ability to pull his sled back to Washington. "I'm pretty well-known in the district--it's a lot of country people," he says. "I think we'll have it under control."

Translation: The district is full of rubes that are used to beating their women to keep them in line.

The guy is not to bright. Before the primary he sent out a direct mail piece attacking his opponent by name when most people in the district didn't even know he had a challenger. Then he scheduled a fundraiser on 9/11 that he had to cancel when it was pointed out that it was inappropriate. He blamed it on an aide. One of his first TV spots was about him driving a truck load of water to Louisiana after Katrina which was met with derision if not outright disbelief.

Disclosure. Although I wasn't quoted the reporter interviewed me for this article.


D.B. Echo said...

I liked the spot about the June flooding. A supporter spoke to Don Sherwood and told him he had to get the President ti declare Pennsylvania a disaster area. And by gum, several hours later the President did just that! Thanks, Don! Now, it's kinda dark outside right now. Could you maybe make the sun rise in the morning?

It would be funnier if I didn't know that Nixon was prepared to write off NEPA after Agnes until Dan Flood convinced him to toss some money our way.

Anonymous said...

Spot any Fairbanksing in the article?

Might want to google Eve Fairbanks, even find her on to get an idea if any quote in there is accurate.

I understand that you may have known she was a reporter, but others may not have. See the reaction to her "Mr. Right" article in TNR (last one published by her before this one in that mag).

Also, compare her story "Big Shame in a Small World" to the source story in the NYT "How not to Steal a Cell Phone" where she managed to turn an obvious victim into a 'witch' of sorts and a family knowlingly posessing and using the victim's $350 Sidekick into 'victims' of the internet.

Not saying there is anything wrong with this story, but chances are high that there are.