Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guest post by the Mean Old Man

The mean one has been MIA for a while and we were all worried that the revenooners had finally busted his still out in the back mountain of Luzerne County. He was just recovering from a bout of food poisoning after accidentally ingesting one of his wife's famous biscuits. Continuing my policy of offering a forum for opposing viewpoints here are his latest thoughts.

Let's Not Mourn Prissies By Mean Old Man

I'm angrier than Bob Casey in a speech therapy class over the way the Commie media has turned Croc Hunter Steve Irwin into a he-man hero!!!

Channel scanning between Matlock and the different Commie Cable news channels all week, my wife Thelma Jean and I nearly lost our supper more than once over the namby pamby coverage of this Aussie hippies death.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying this guy didn't have some manliness in him--but let's be serious--he was done in by a stingray--a fish that is known to be so wimpy that amusement parks let the little brat kiddies swim with them!!! Hell, my own little pukey grandson Luke (my commie son Cal's spawn), who is so weak of the knee that he cries at the sight of his own shadow--who is so feminized by his freaky parents that I was basically thrown out of their house last Christmas because I committed the mortal sin of giving my grandson a toy M-16 as a Christmas present!!--who cries at sissy Lion Emporer or King or whatever it is movies (again, made in Commiewood)--Luke swam with stingrays one summer and was giddy and laughing!!!
My point--a real man does not let a fairy fish hurt him! In my day we had wildlife shows too, but the hosts were real men!!! Marlon Perkins could wrestle not only an alligator but a tiger and sell you insurance all at the same time!! And he didn't wear wimpy shorts while doing things--Marlon wore African hunting gear--made in the good ol' USA!!! And another thing--instead of being killed by that homo fish, Marlon would have been having him for supper that night (no doubt, with a bottle of Schlitz next to his plate)!!!!

So, all you drugged out feminized Commies out there--be men for once in your pathetic lives and stop crying over an overexposed and overrated prissy who stole Marlon Perkins act!!!!

Damn Liberals!!!! God Bless our Sainted Senator Santorum.


Anonymous said...

This is just another coverup. I heard he was spear fishing with Dick Cheney and got between him and a mackrel.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gotta' love that mean old guy!