Monday, September 18, 2006

No wonder why the guy is overweight

Rapid Edward cruised through Luzerne County yesterday. He hit Ray
Musto's breakfast, a lunch for Chris Carney and the Lupas Picnic.


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that 'Fatmouth Eddie' does not weigh 300 lbs.

'Lynnie The Sleaze' still looks good but he have nothing interesting nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

Rendell would have made a great candidate for the Senate; he's like every guy you've ever known and he can speak well. Plus--his suits don't fit; an all round every day guy. Definitely future VP material.

Gort said...

I've been to a few events with the Guv and believe me you don't want to get between him and the buffet table. On a personal level he is like the politician from central casting. Friendly, accessable and easy to talk to. I was amazed the second time I met him he actually remembered my name.