Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bloggers in the news

On the recent PA Supreme Court pay raise decision:

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

From Pittsburgh blogger Froth Slosh B'Gosh: "I guess knocking off [Supreme Court Justice Russell] Nigro didn't send a strong enough message. We need to retire as many legislators as possible who passed the pay raise, and then retire each Supreme Court justice in turn as they come up for retention, with the possible exception of Thomas Saylor, who opined that the pay raise was unconstitutional. But then again, he's facing retention next year."

Mr. Randy Potter in the Patriot News:

"The Supreme Court ruling will re-energize the state government reform movement, because it is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with state government," said Randy Potter, who writes the conservative Penn Patriot Weblog. "I think Pennsylvanians now realize that greed has taken control of every branch of our state government and that reforms are desperately needed."

Who needs Terry Madonna and Tom Baldino to point out the obvious when we have great analysts on the web.


Bernie O'Hare said...

In the meantime, the state bar association prez has sent letters to the editor defending the court's decision. They're now trying to spin us.

I don't know about you Gort, but I'm a whore. I sent an email to the Supremes telling them I'll write a few posts defending their frickin' payraise, but I want 1) a free week in an asian massage parlor; and 2) a get out of jail free card.

PA progressive said...

You'll need more than a get out of jail free card after a week in the massage parlor. Also ask for LOTS of antibiotics.