Friday, September 29, 2006

121st District Debate

Because of my work schedule I wasn't able to attend last nights debate between Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski and Republican Christine Katsock. The TL has a clever lead:

Two musicians vying to fill a vacated state House seat seemed to be singing the same tunes during a public forum on Thursday night when discussing the importance of reducing crime in Wilkes-Barre, the need to conserve open space and increase the minimum wage and their opposition to legislative pay raises.

David Yonki has a first person account of the event and has some of the same thoughts about the candidates that I have:

Republican Christine Katsock and Democrat Ed Pashinski squared off for a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters at Wilkes Barre’s King’s College McGowan Center. About 75 people attended the event and the debate was civil, informative, congenial and in effect a draw.

Both candidates acquitted themselves well and if either one wins election to the seat vacated by Kevin Blaum, the district would be a big winner.

Here are some observations: Katsock is the best kept political secret in Luzerne County. She has a command of the issues, is a compelling speaker and in any other area of the state, she’d already be in public office. Pashinski’s performance was steady, less fact filled but relied on his vast experience in music education, business and as a popular teacher. Pashinski was easy going but passionate while making his points.

Note to Christine, fix your website.


Anonymous said...

Fitzpatrick, you're a goof.

Pashinski is a Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Capital Punishment, Pro-Business democrat. You don't get much more conservative.

The lesser or two evils? Pashinski has never run for office before. He was a teacher for 35 years.

Katsock is nothing more than Bill James, without a penis...I think.

Anonymous said...

Pashinski was a joke as a teacher, he was a MUSIC teacher. He knows how PSSA's effect a student like Bush knows how to say he was wrong. ASk Dr. Rick bout Pashinski, I'm shocked he doesn't have an anti-Pashinski blog.