Thursday, September 07, 2006

Carney up by 7

A new independent poll by RT Strategies/Constituent Dynamics puts Chris Carney up 7 points over Congressman Don Sherwood in the 10th Congressional District race:

RT Strategies/Constituent Dynamics, Aug. 27-29, 2006

Chris Carney: 50%

Don Sherwood: 43%

Sample Size = 1008 -- MOE 3.1%

Partisan ID: 54% Republican, 32% Democrat

Full Results are available online at:

Polls are snapshots that track movement. Right now the movement is to Chris Carney as people realize that the country has not been served well by Don Sherwood and the rest of the Republicans that have running things for too long. This is the 2nd poll this week that shows Carney surging. And this whole 9/11 fundraiser debacle hasn't hit the news yet. You just may read about it tomorrow.

There is a great story about the race by Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny and an interview with Chris at firedoglake.


Anonymous said...

1000 is a nice sample size,(have to now sound like a political scinetist and there PA 8 is right on target with Mike Fitz scoring what he scored in 2004 as I predicted and if Sherwood loses Peters or maybe haggerty will easily beta Carney in 2008 I just hope no idiots run like geroge hassay or other losers
hggerty is well qualified and the best choice after Peters
if baker was pro life she would be perfect but her expertise is in Hburg

Gort said...

It's a Dem year. We have 2 months to go so there may be a few surprises.