Saturday, September 30, 2006

The fund-raiser will be closed to the press and public

That's the word about the upcoming visit of Dubya to support the The Tunkhannock Strangler.

John Micek has the details

Serious Republican Big-Shot Alert:

The POTUS heads for NePa next month to shake the trees for the suddenly vulnerable U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood. Details are scarce, what with the White House being tight as a drum about security. But we're told that the Oct. 19 fund-raiser will be held at a private residence in the Lackawanna County portion of Sherwood's district. The fund-raiser will be closed to the press. However, we're also told that there could be an event open to the press earlier in the day featuring a certain U.S. senator who has also found himself in a competitive race.

Another super secret fundraiser in a secure undisclosed location. I'm sure the local TV stations will go ga-ga over the whole thing. We can expect pics of Air Force One landing and glimpses of the motorcade that will tie up traffic for miles around. I just hope he doesn't speak to the cameras as everytime I hear the guy's voice it makes my teeth hurt.


D.B. Echo said...

I don't see how Bush supporting The Strangler can do anything but drag both of them even further down.

Unless, of course, the electronic voting machines decide otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Bush cant bring Sherwood down it is impossible, Bush would still win the elction in the 10th distitrict, and there are no real political stoires in Rolling Stone, just ask Stepehn Colbert